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An overview of D'. Le Roi Soleil apartment project

D'. Le Roi Soleil apartment project - the "precious gem" on the Quang An Peninsula, the planning of the D'Le Roi Soleil apartment project by Tân Hoàng Minh covers an expansive area of over 9,000 square meters, accompanied by a high-class ecosystem of amenities. This undoubtedly promises the community a sophisticated, modern, and harmonious living space with nature.

  • Project’s name: D'Le Roi Soleil Quang An
  • Address: 2 Đặng Thai Mai Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Investor: Tân Hoàng Minh Group
  • Architectural designer: Japanese architect - Katsuki Kazunori
  • Total project area: 9,185 square meters
  • Construction floor area: 87,672 square meters
  • Building density: Podium block 50%, tower block 40%
  • Structure height: 25 floors
  • Number of real estate units: 498 apartments
  • Real estate structure: 2 to 4-bedroom apartments, Penthouse
  • Real estate area: 83 - 333 square meters


Location of D’. Le Roi Soleil Quang An apartment project

The position of D'. Le Roi Soleil project in Tay Ho is situated at the crossroads of Đặng Thai Mai and Xuân Diệu streets, where three sides face West Lake and one side faces the Red River, offering a breezy and harmonious atmosphere with nature.

Xuân Diệu Street is planned to be expanded from 13 meters to 21 meters, and Đặng Thai Mai Street, from 20 meters to a planned 62 meters, will transform into pedestrian-friendly streets in the future at the Quang An Peninsula. Additionally, the construction of the Tứ Liên Bridge linking Đông Anh to Tay Ho district is a significant route connecting these two districts, ensuring easy traffic flow and reducing congestion on bridges like Long Bien and Vĩnh Tuy. This will also contribute to increasing the real estate value in the area, and the D'Le Roi Soleil apartment project is no exception.

Moreover, the Tay Ho area is a hub for expatriates and foreign diplomatic missions. It also holds historical and cultural significance with landmarks such as Quảng Bá Pagoda, Kim Liên Temple, Tay Ho Palace, and Sheraton Hotel, and offers picturesque views of the romantic West Lake from D’Le Roi Soleil.

Here's the network of connectivity from the D'. Le Roi Soleil location:

  • Only 3 minutes to reach Tay Ho Palace
  • Just 15 minutes to Hoan Kiem Lake
  • A quick 20-minute drive to Noi Bai International Airport
  • Only 1 minute to reach West Lake
  • Approximately 23 minutes to Lotte Mall West Lake
  • A few minutes drive to Quảng Bá Pagoda, Kim Liên Temple, Tay Ho Palace, and Sheraton Hotel

Drawing of D’. Le Roi Soleil apartment building

Built on a land area of over 9000m2, Tan Hoang Minh's D'Le Roi Soleil condominium is a harmonious fusion of a unique architectural masterpiece. 100% of the apartments in this project boast breathtaking views, facing towards West Lake on one side, overlooking the Red River on another, and offering a scenic landscape within the premises. This view alone is compelling enough to persuade a significant number of customers and investors to invest in this project.

  • Total land area: 9,185m2
  • Construction area: 4,046m2
  • Number of above-ground floors: 25 floors – Building height: 86 meters
  • Number of basement floors: 6 floors – Number of apartments: 498 units
  • Apartment types: There are 5 types of apartments ranging from 83 – 333 square meters in size.

Type of D’. Le Roi Soleil apartment building

Type of D'Le Roi Soleil apartment project offers a range of apartments from 2 to 4 bedrooms, each meticulously designed with flexible layouts to optimize space and allow ample natural light to flood the rooms.

Apartment sizes for 2-bedroom - 3-bedroom - 4-bedroom units range from approximately 88m2 to 345m2. With this diverse range of apartment sizes at the D'Le Roi Soleil Tân Hoàng Minh project, customers can easily choose a living space that suits their family's personality and needs.

  • 2-bedroom - 2-bathroom: 88m2
  • 3-bedroom - 3-bathroom: 111.4m2
  • 3-bedroom - 2-bathroom: 146m2
  • 4-bedroom - 4-bathroom: 234m2
  • Penthouse: 345m2

Top-notch amenities of D’. Le Roi Soleil apartment project

Crafting living spaces beyond standards, coupled with top-notch amenities typically found only in luxurious resorts, D'Le Roi Soleil stands as the most sought-after project among the elite community in Hanoi. Every need and entertainment desire of its residents is met within a few steps. Specifically, this is the first project to establish a separate 8-floor service tower, catering to the various needs of prestigious homeowners:

  • Shopping center
  • Four-season swimming pool
  • Infinity pool
  • Health care area: Gym, Spa, Kick-fit
  • CGV cinema
  • Elegant restaurants, and coffee shops right at the base of the apartment building

D'Le Roi Soleil also boasts a grand reception hall designed luxuriously like a 5-star hotel, modern and convenient Lounge space, and high-end elevator systems... all embodying the most sophisticated lifestyle in the capital city.


The price of D’. Le Roi Soleil apartment

The apartments are priced differently depending on their location and size.

Sale/Rental prices for D'. Le Roi Soleil apartments: [Contact us for details]

(**Note: The information provided is for reference purposes only; we will update you with the latest information as soon as we receive official updates from the Developer.)

In order to know further information about D’. Le Roi Soleil Apartment project, please visit my website or contact us via:

  • Website: bdstanlong.com
  • Hotline: 0986.720.720
  • Địa chỉ: 39B Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Ha Noi
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