D’. El dorado premium phu thuong
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Overview of D'El Dorado Premium Phu Thuong

For inner-city boomer buyers seeking an exclusive and luxurious sea change, the launch of D'El Dorado Premium Phu Thuong presents an unparalleled opportunity for that luxury seaside lifestyle.


  D'.El Dorado I Phu Thuong (E1) D'.El Dorado II Phu Thanh (E2)

659 Lac Long Quan

298 Vo Chi Cong

Masterplan 2.808m2 3.184m2
Construction area 1263.7m2 1.594,5m2 
Number of basements 4 3
Number of floors 27 27
Number of apartments 448 402
Unit of management D'Home D'Home
Density of construction 45% 49.3%
The acreage of apartments  30m2 - 252m2 (Studio - 4PN)

33m2 - 140m2 (Studio - 4PN)

Management Fee 14.300 VNĐ/m2 (Included VAT) 14.300 VNĐ/m2 (Included VAT)
Ownership form Long term Condotel (T4-8) + Long Term  (T9-26)
Handover Standard Handover based on the current state of the apartment Handover based on the current state of the apartment

Location of the D'. El Dorado Tan Hoang Minh project

Since its debut, the location of D'. El Dorado Tan Hoang Minh apartment has been a critical factor contributing to its appeal to actual homebuyers and savvy investors. The project consists of 2 buildings with the following locations:

  • Address of D'. El Dorado I building: Intersection of Lac Long Quan - Nguyen Hoang Ton.
  • Address of D'. El Dorado II building: Intersection of Vo Chi Cong - Nguyen Hoang Ton

It's easy to notice that D'. El Dorado Premium apartment inherits a prime location at the bustling heart of Tay Ho district, adjacent to major roads such as Lac Long Quan, Nguyen Hoang Ton, and Vo Chi Cong, facilitating residents' easy access to various locations. Additionally, the project faces West Lake and the Red River, offering a living space with fresh air and a green view in the heart of the capital.

The 'super linkage' coordinates come from the location of D.' El Dorado Phu Thanh, Phu Thuong Tan Hoang Minh:

  • Just a few steps through the front door, residents can admire the poetic West Lake.
  • Only 600m on foot to Lotte Mall West Lake.
  • Approximately 400m to Nam Thang Long Urban Area, Ciputra.
  • Five minutes to Sun Park.
  • Six minutes by car to Nhat Tan Bridge.
  • It is about 27 minutes by car to Noi Bai International Airport.

Located in a well-developed infrastructure area with convenient regional connectivity, the coordinates of the E1, E2 D'. El Dorado project guarantees sustainable profit potential for real estate investors who seize the right moment.

Lan drawing of D'.El Dorado Tan Hoang Minh Phu Thuong

Floor Plan of D'.El Dorado Tan Hoang Minh Phu Thuong

Designed on a land area of over 2808m2, the layout of the D'.El Dorado Phu Thuong project (E1) encompasses a diverse range of real estate types, perfectly meeting the living needs of the residents here.

  • Floors 1 & 2: Ground-floor shophouses, pedestal blocks
  • Floor 3: Building amenities: Gym, indoor swimming pool, sauna room, community activity room, etc.
  • Floor 4: Sale of D'El Dorado apartment building E1 Phu Thuong
  • Floor 27: 6 Penthouses, ranging from 136m2 to 249m2, including 2 units with indoor swimming pools

Floor Plan of D'.El Dorado Tan Hoang Minh Phu Thanh

The E2 D'.El Dorado Phu Thanh is built on a land area of 3,184m2, featuring luxurious European Neo-Classical architecture, offering a sophisticated living space for the successful community of residents.

  • Floors 1, 2, 3: Ground-floor shophouses/lobby/services/Building management office
  • Floors 4 – 8: Hotel apartments (Condotel)
  • Floors 9 - 26: Residential apartments + Hotel apartments
  • Floors 20 – 26: Residential apartments
  • Floor 27: Stylish Penthouse apartments

Product Types at D'El Dorado Tan Hoang Minh Phu Thanh, Phu Thuong

Below are the Areas of Various Product Types in the Project

  • Studio: 33.9m2 - 39.3m2
  • 1BR Apartment: 44.7m2 - 67.7m2
  • 2BR Apartment: 59.6m2 - 85.4m2
  • 3BR Apartment: 93m2
  • Penthouse: 93m2 - 153m2
  • Shophouse at the Base: 55.9m2 - 69.2m2

Great amenities in the D'. El Dorado Premium buildings

The exclusive amenities at D'.El Dorado Tân Hoàng Minh are meticulously crafted for the residents, ensuring a luxurious service experience and opening up a living space that befits the stature of its discerning occupants:

  • Stylish lounge area
  • Diverse shophouse shopping system
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Mini supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Hair salon, nail salon, and spa
  • Unique four-season swimming pool
  • Gym and Yoga facilities
  • Community activity rooms
  • International standard kindergarten
  • Sky-level garden
  • Relaxing flower garden
  • Elevated exercise area
  • BBQ garden
  • Intellectual Club (Library)
  • Travel and Exploration Club
  • Young Entrepreneurs Club

To learn more about the D'El Dorado Premium Phu Thuong project, don't hesitate to contact the Tan Long Land Sales Department for in-depth information. 

Hotline: 0986 720 720

Website: bdstanlong.com

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