West Lake area is likened to the rich Gangnam area in Seoul, The Peak in Hong Kong or Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, USA. The outstanding common feature of these high-class living spaces is the formation of a community with a high position in society.

Destination of Hanoi investors

In the Hanoi area, West Lake has long been the number one choice of expats coming to work and live. Dubbed "the most livable land in Hanoi" or "the rich area of the capital", Tay Ho has become the destination of many domestic and foreign investors and elites.

Tay Ho is also located in the main arterial branch of the city. Pham Van Dong Street was widened with a 40m road through Ciputra connecting 2 arterial roads Vo Chi Cong - Pham Van Dong. In addition, urban railway No. 2 with a length of 11.5km from Nam Thang Long (Ciputra) to Tran Hung Dao will make moving into the Old Quarter more convenient than ever.

According to the policy of the city, by 2030 with a vision to 2050, this area is expected to become the new administrative center of the capital with the headquarters of many ministries and branches; embassies and many prestigious international organizations…

All the above factors help make real estate in Tay Ho area a "destination" for settlement and investment and make this market increasingly "hot".

Tay Ho is the leader in the rental real estate market

According to a report by Savills, Vietnam is leading the Southeast Asian market in terms of apartment rental margins, 2 times higher than Singapore, 1.7 times higher than Bangkok. Besides, Tay Ho is always considered as the fastest growing place with the highest profit rate up to 5.7%/year.

Despite the appearance of a series of large-scale real estate projects with huge investment levels, the current projects are still not enough to meet the actual needs, making Tay Ho Tay real estate expensive and possessing huge rental potential. With nearly 1,000 hectares of water surface and trees, peaceful living space, close to the center, less than 20 minutes away from the airport, West Lake is a golden address for real estate for rent.

Many choices with villa for rent in Tay Ho

Referring to the projects in Tay Ho, it is impossible not to mention the "hot spots" such as: Ciputra urban area, Tay Ho West urban area, Nam Thang Long urban area, Ngoai Giao Doan urban area, etc. a series of extremely outstanding projects: Ciputra, Starlake Tay Ho Tay, Sunshine City, Sunshine Riverside, etc.

In general, the villa and shophouse projects in Tay Ho all have a beautiful, prime location with good feng shui. In particular, the traffic is very convenient, easy to move to the airport, Tay Ho center or the city center.