Apartments for rent in Starlake

Hanoi Starlake Project is a model, international-class megacity, by the famous Korean group Daewoo
E & C is the owner. As a project of several decades, Starlake Urban promises to bring a space
Different living, modern, comfortable for residents, impact on the development of Hanoi many years later
Prime location
The Starlake project is located on the administrative boundary of Xuan La Ward (Tay Ho), Nghia Do Ward
(Cau Giay), Xuan Tao and Co Nhue wards (Bac Tu Liem).
Convenient transportation is a prominent advantage to bring Starlake urban area will be a busy market in the future.

Starlake Project Overview

Project Name: West Lake West Center

Trade name: Starlake Hanoi (Starlake urban area)
Location: Located between the districts of Tu Liem, Tay Ho and Cau Giay
Investor: Daewoo E & C
Developer: T.H.T. Development Co., Ltd
Partner: Korea Development Bank KDB guarantees financial
Project area: 186.32 ha; Population: 24,300 people
Phase 1: Planning on an area of 114 ha, expected completion in 2019.
Stage 2: Planning on an area of 71.5 ha, when the city handed over the ground.


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