Real estate for sale in Hanoi - Update the latest sales news

Currently, the trend of a second home is developed in many types of real estate. Numerous people want to buy a second home such as a villa, shophouse, individual house, or apartment. Therefore, middle-income people completely have their own “second home”. And Hanoi is the best ideal location to own real estate. The information below is about Hanoi real estate for sale such as: individuals houses, apartments, shophouses, villas for sale in Hanoi.


As you know: "Second home" appears when investors already own one or more real estates and have the need to buy more houses to serve the needs of the rest and profitable investments. This is considered a new trend in the real estate market in Vietnam leading to an increase in property for sale. According to the Ministry of Construction, the real estate market in the second quarter has shown signs of recovery and good development. The market has regained balance between investment and business activities. Generally, Hanoi apartments for sale and houses and other types of real estate are increasing rapidly.


In the big city of Hanoi, there are almost no apartments for sale priced at 25 million VND/m2. The price of individual houses in the project increased by 15-20%. Individual houses in the projects for sale in Hanoi have a common price of about 100 million VND/m2, central projects up to over 200 million VND/m2, and projects in districts. Far from the center, the price is about 30-50 million VND/m2.


Apartments for sale in Hanoi

Attracting a great deal of interest, the type of apartment for sale with the selling price has increased in the past 8 months. Notably, the growth rate of apartment prices in Hanoi is twice, depending on the segment. The segment of apartments for sale in Hanoi has a 15 - 15.5% increase in asking price compared to the same period last year.

Indivisual houses for sale in Hanoi

In the 2 quarters of 2022, the prices of apartments and individual houses for sale in Hanoi are still increased compared to the end of 2021, the price growth of concentrated real estate for sale segments at the end of the first quarter slowed down, and showed signs of slowing down in the second quarter.

Shophouses/villas for sale in Hanoi

In August 2022, the real estate market report of DKRA shows that products, comprising townhouses, shophouses, and villas for sale in Hanoi and neighboring provinces have declined both in supply and demand. With the possibility of limits on loans to buy real estate for sale in Hanoi being eased, the market may recover at the end of 2022 but any change is unlikely in the short term. 


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