There are many apartment rentals in Tay Ho area. Except for Elegant Suite, Sedona Suite, and Fraser Suite, Hanoi Club, Golden Westlake. Most apartments are in small buildings and owned by companies. The apartment buildings concentrated on Truc Bach lake and Ho Tay area in Xuan Dieu road, To Ngoc Van, Xom Chua, Tay Ho road or Quang A road, Ve Ho road... You can find many types of apartments in Tay Ho for rent from studio to 4 bedrooms apartments. Many apartments located by the lake and bring about the great view and fresh air to the apartments.

 (Westlake) is about 7 km from City Centre (Hoan Kiem Lake). The area is between Westlake and Red River and Ciputra residential complex. The area has good facilities, services for local residents as shops, coffee, restaurants, super markets, kinder gardens, schools...

There are many apartments for rent (mostly) for expat community in Hanoi. The apartments in Tay Ho normally has big living room, 5 to 6 bedrooms, with gardens, car parks, you can find villas with swimming pools here as it is hot and high humidity in Hanoi summer, many villas with stunning lake view. The neighborhood is quiet and the environment is good.

As it is a good location, many expats choose Tay Ho for their residence. You can rent furnished or unfurnished apartments as your requirements. Landlords in Tay Ho normally are helpful and nice. Most of them live in the same neighborhood.

Tan Long Real Estate Head Office located in the heart of Tay Ho area, so we have more advantage in getting full housing data of the area, good connection with landlords and more convenient for us to assist in when customers need us.

Working with us, you will have a neighbor housing service. We understand the importance of lease-long support than the property showing!