Sunshine Crystal River
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Overview of Sunshine Crystal River

Sunshine Crystal River is aerial villa  apartment project called Sky Villas , luxury apartments of Sky Villas series developed by Sunshine Group, one of the pioneers applying 4.0 technology in management and operation. The building, while also giving residents a "Sunshine ecosystem" including Education, Trade, Services - Entertainment ... according to international standards.

The charm of Sunshine Crysta River apartment lies in : This is the first project in Hanoi style Sky Villas inspired by Penhouse and Duplex apartments, affirming the new and bold steps of investors _ Sunshine Group. In the midst of an overwhelming sky and watching the stars, Sunshine Crystal River contributes new luxury luxury real estate products to customers.

  • Location: Ciputra Urban Area - Nam Thang Long, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Owner: Sunshine Group
  • Construction contractor: Hoa Binh Corporation.
  • Scale: 5 towers (40 stories each)
  • Total area: 50,850 m2
  • total floor area: 152,644m2
  • Construction density: 31.7%
  • Type: Skyvillas, Luxury Duplex Apartment,  Shophouse Single villas, duplex villas
  • Scale: 452 skyvillas, 498 Duplex units, about 54 commercial shop houses in the building. In addition, the project also has: 24 units detached villa , 36 units duplex villa .
  • Total area of ​​greenery and road yard: 14,848m2
  • Expected handover: Quarter I / 2020

Location of Sunshine Crystal River

Sunshine Crystal River Project Located in Nam Thang Long Urban Area Complex (Ciputra), inherits all the leading utilities of the most evaluated urban area in Hanoi such as: Ciputra Club, Thuong Cong Center Ciputra Mall.

This is considered to be a spiritual region in hanoi, ​​the land of a thousand years of civilization, where vitality is condensed and favorable elements considered the most beautiful in terms of feng shui. In terms of regional planning, the project is the first connection point in the Nhat Tan - Noi Bai axial planning project with the idea of ​​"Dragon catch pearls", the main 'backbone' is the highway connecting from the airport to the middle City center, Dragon head toward West Lake - Red River ... ..

The location of Sunshine Crystal River boasts significant connectivity with other projects in the same area, such as Sunshine Riverside, The Link Ciputra, etc. Additionally, from its strategic position, residents can easily access various prominent locations in Hanoi:

  • 8 minutes to Lotte Mall Tay Ho
  • 10 minutes to the administrative center of Tay Ho District
  • 10 minutes to West Lake
  • 20 minutes to Noi Bai International Airport



The layout of Sunshine Crystal River

The Sunshine Crystal River project is renowned for its luxurious condominiums and sky villas, offering a modern, convenient, and relaxed lifestyle for residents within the urban area. Sunshine Crystal River features a design comprising 5 40-story towers arranged in a straight line, surrounded by shophouses. Each real estate product here has its own unique appeal.
The layout of Sunshine Crystal River provides million-dollar views by placing the distinctive Sky Villas with wonders in the sky facing the lake or refreshing green parks. To optimize these valuable views, the projects are designed with transparent glass walls extending from floor to ceiling. The sky seems closer, and the living space expands, harmonizing with nature.
Each floor accommodates 8 to 14 apartments with 2 to 4 bedrooms. The penthouses at Sunshine Crystal River are situated atop the buildings, embracing panoramic internal views, featuring larger areas, and boasting elegant, luxurious, and impressive designs.



Type of products in Sunshine Crystal River

Each Sunshine Crystal River villa is a separate living space with a separate utility system such as a swimming pool overflowing, a barbecue garden ... in the campus, where the owner will enjoy the moments of isolated relaxation in the sky .

From the location adjacent to the golf course, Sunshine Crystal River is designed with large glass walls, maximizing the view of Ciputra Golf and Red River. Fresh, isolated and class, living space is also a place to rest and recreate the energy of the owner after every hard-working day of life.

Sunshine Crystal River Project offers primarily high-end apartments with 2 to 4 bedrooms. In addition, there are also shophouses located at the project's podium. Let's explore the product types at Sunshine Crystal River right here!

Shophouse Sunshine Crystal River - Modern and Classy Design

The shophouses at Sunshine Crystal River are always attractive destinations for businesses and investors. Situated in an upscale urban area with the presence of Hanoi's elite, this is undoubtedly an excellent market for various business types such as shopping, restaurants, hotels, etc.
The design of these shophouses is also carefully crafted to evoke modern, convenient feelings, optimizing the upscale living experience for residents within the Sunshine Crystal River project.
Shophouse in Sunshine Crystal River

Sunshine Crystal River Apartments - Elevating Luxury Living

Each apartment in Sunshine Crystal River is a private living space with exclusive amenities such as an infinity pool, barbecue garden, within the premises, where homeowners can enjoy moments of secluded relaxation beneath the sky. The designers have devoted great effort to creating intricate details in these apartments. The rooms are smartly arranged to optimize space and maximize functionality.
Situated adjacent to the golf course, Sunshine Crystal River apartment is designed with large glass walls, expanding the view to the maximum of Ciputra Golf Course and the Red River. Pure, secluded, and sophisticated, the living space is also a retreat, recharging the owner's energy after each busy day of life.
The project primarily offers high-end apartments with 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, and stylish penthouses distributed evenly across the 5 buildings within the project.

Apartments in Sunshine Crystal River

Amenities systems in Sunshine Crystal River project

The project consists of 5 towers, each villa will be the place where the owner unleashes an unlimited view of the Ciputra golf course or the prosperous atmospherre of Red River. The familiar designs at luxury resorts such as ecological gardens, swimming pools overflowing with 5 towers or art waterfalls ... help owners feel the green color of plants and water despite any where.

Not merely an aerial villa, Sunshine Crystal River is also the place where every owner experiences a vacation life blending nature in the inner city. Sunshine Crystal River fully enjoy the class facilities of the projects, which are Sunshine-style such as: The first international inter-school in Hanoi such as golf course, tennis court, supermarket system, luxurious shophouse ... Along with more than 30 internal utilities. All create a high-end, high-class life experience for modern residents with the most fashionable living.

Sunshine Crystal River's Amenities Include:

  • Green Plaza
  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Digital Entertainment Zone
  • Spa and Massage Area
  • Asian and European Restaurants
  • BBQ Grilling Garden
  • Community Activity House
  • Billiards Club
  • Tennis Court
  • Library
  • Indoor Golf Practice Range
  • Supermarket
  • Pub
  • Shopping Center
  • International School
  • Four-Season Swimming Pool
  • Sauna Steam Room
  • ... and more.

Price of Sunshine Crystal River

Additionally, when purchasing an apartment at Sunshine Crystal River, customers will enjoy various other benefits, such as assistance with loans for up to 25 years at 0% interest.

Payment schedule for Sunshine Crystal River:

Regarding the payment schedule for purchasing an apartment at Sunshine Crystal River, customers are required to make payments in four installments:

  • Installment 1: Pay 10% of the apartment value after VAT upon contract signing.
  • Installment 2: Pay 15% of the apartment value after VAT within the next 30 days.
  • Installment 3: Pay 5% of the apartment value after VAT immediately after signing the sales contract with the investor.
  • Installment 4: Pay 65% of the apartment value after VAT within 10 days from receiving the sales contract.

Apartment prices at Sunshine Crystal River:

For projects at Sunshine Crystal River, the apartment prices are considered highly competitive compared to other projects in the same area.

  • Sunshine Crystal River apartment prices: [To be updated]

For more detailed information about the Sunshine Crystal River project, please contact the Tân Long Real Estate office:

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