Apartments for sale in D'. Le Roi Soleil - Newest update

Newly released information regarding available apartments for sale in D'. Le Roi Soleil, offering up-to-date details including pricing, location, and further specifics about these condos in the vicinity. More information available below.

Apartments for sale in D'. Le Roi Soleil - Details

Nestled gracefully on the Quang An Peninsula, the D'. Le Roi Soleil apartment project earns its moniker as the "precious gem” of Hanoi. Embracing a fusion of modern architectural finesse and a commitment to environmental harmony, D'. Le Roi Soleil condos aspire to craft an urban sanctuary where sophistication meets nature, offering an elegant and sophisticated living experience. The detailed information of apartments for sale in D'. Le Roi Soleil will be given under.

Apartments for sale in D'. Le Roi Soleil

Overview of D'. Le Roi Soleil apartment project 

  • Project Name: D'Le Roi Soleil Quang An

  • Address: 2 Dang Thai Mai, Tay Ho, Hanoi

  • Investor: Tan Hoang Minh Group

  • Architectural design unit: Japanese Architect - Katsuki Kasunori

  • The height of towers: 25 floors high-rise apartment building, 6 basement floors

  • Number of Real Estate Units: 498 apartments

  • Products: Apartments with 2-4 bedrooms, Penthouse

=> Further information about this project: D'. Le Roi Soleil

The location of D'Le Roi Soleil - a masterpiece situated on the Quang An Peninsula

The location of the D'Le Roi Soleil condos is at the intersection of Dang Thai Mai and Xuan Dieu streets, Tay Ho District, where three sides face West Lake and one side borders the Red River, creating an airy and harmonious atmosphere with nature. Additionally, the Tay Ho area is a bustling hub with a high concentration of expatriates, hosting various embassies and diplomatic missions. From D'. Le Roi Soleil, customers can immerse themselves in admiring the picturesque beauty of the dreamy West Lake.

Apartments for sale in D'. Le Roi Soleil exudes timeless beauty with its Neoclassical architecture, blending intricate French-inspired lines. The incredible value bestowed by nature, the preservation of historical and cultural significance through generations, promises an extraordinary experience for residents here, fostering inspiration in work and ensuring sustained success in the future.

The design of the various types of products in the D'. Le Roi Soleil apartment project

The design of apartments for sale in D'. Le Roi Soleil ensures each room is arranged with flexible and well-organized spaces, optimizing the area and allowing natural light to flood into the rooms. With a diverse range of apartment types in terms of size at the D’. Le Roi Soleil condos, customers will easily find living spaces that suit their personalities and family needs:

  • 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms apartment (88m2)

  • 3 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms apartment (111.4m2)

  • 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms apartment (146m2)

  • 4 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms apartment (234m2)

  • Penthouse apartment, which include 4 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms (345m2)

Prices of D'. Le Roi Soleil Apartments - 2023 Updates

The pricing of D'. Le Roi Soleil condos might vary over time, contingent upon the fluctuations in the real estate market. Additionally, within the apartments for sale in D'. Le Roi Soleil, there will be disparities in the selling prices – influenced by factors like the property type, size, orientation, location, and its overall condition.

  • Price of D'. Le Roi Soleil Apartment: [Pending]

Apartments for sale in D'. Le Roi Soleil presents an exceptional choice for those in pursuit of a luxurious lifestyle. Featuring a prime location and an array of amenities, it offers an ideal opportunity for you to discover and relish an exceptional living environment.

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