In the series "transcends time masterpiece," D '. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An has many unique value that customers can not ignored for living or investing. D '. Le Roi Soleil real estate is the unique on  West Lake because this is the unique on Quang An Peninsula licensed for selling and issuing Red book permanently.



Prime location in the Peninsula Quang An and the romantic West Lake has made very exquisite beauties, deep culture, historical monuments since thousands of centuries. Around the project is the use of spiritual monuments as West Lake, Kim Lien Temple and Quang Ba Pagoda, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, etc. This is a very crowded area with foreigners, ambassadors, international organizations chosen to live and work.

D '. Le Roi Soleil - Quang An is invested by Tan Hoang Minh Corporation in Quang An Peninsula, Tay Ho district, Hanoi. It is also the unique on spatial axes in West Lake on Quang An Peninsula licensed for selling and issuing Red book permanently.



D '. Le Roi Soleil is combined with 498 apartments built in 2 buildings with 25 floors, an 8-storey service tower, podiums and 5 basements as a commercial center and parking. Located at the turning point Xuan Dieu Street - Dang Thai Mai, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, the project will dominate among the villas, high-rise buildings. Strip of land in West Lake is considered as one of the most worth the living places of Hanoi capital, you cannot find anywhere in Hanoi with romantic landscapes and charming as Westlake with space 500 ha of water surface.

- Land area: 9185 sqm

- Construction Area: 4046 sqm

- Total floor area (excluding the basement, technical floor): 87 672 sqm

- Total floor area of the basement: 129 630 sqm

- Building density accounted for 50%, 40% of the tower blocks

- Number of floors: 25 floors - Building height: 86sqm

- Number of Basements: 5 floors - Number of apartments: 498 apartments

- Apartment Type: 5 types of apartments area from 83 to 333sqm

Construction items


- Basement’s Gross Floor Area: 41,958sqm

- Technical and auxiliary area,: 11,066sqm

- Commercial Area: 8,552sqm

- Garage area: 22,340sqm in which

+ Motorbike parking area: 5,570sqm

+ Car Parking Area: 16,770sqm


- Construction Area: 4,046sqm

- The area of community activities: 458sqm

- The area of kindergartens: 1,023sqm

Tower blocks:

- Total area of the apartment: 60,462sqm