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Project name: Oriental Westlake Apartment

Investor: BRG Group

Location: 174 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Ha Noi

Area: 1,992 m2

Construction area: 1,044.78m2

Construction density: 52.4%, 15 floors and 2 basements

Total commercial area: 1,345m2 (1st floor: 645m2; 2nd floor: 700m2) including Intimex supermarket and SeABank Office.

Each floor has from 7 to 9 apartments with a total of 108 apartments on a total floor area of ​​11,614m2

Diversified and flexible with a wide range of areas and different compass directions (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest) gives customers more options.

Completion status: 100%



Oriental Westlake Apartment is located at 174 Lac Long Quan, one of the main transport corridors to enter the city center and convenient transportation connections:

- 23km from the internal airport

- 6km from Hoan Kiem Lake

- 6km from the national convention center

Surrounding has many notable projects: Tay Ho Residence, Watermark West Lake ... and developed urban areas: KDT Ciputra, KDT Tay Ho Tay, KDT Nghia Do...

At the same time, at the project location is a developed residential area with high living standards including schools - markets - commercial centers and shopping and entertainment areas.

Oriental Westlake Ho Tay Apartment - 174 Lac Long Quan will be one of the optimal choices for many young households and residents around Tay Ho district - Cau Giay district and households in need of purchasing apartments in the West Lake area.




Composed 15 floors, 174 Lac Long Quan apartment building (Oriental Westlake apartment) is fully designed with full services and utilities, ensuring maximum requirement for all residents in the building including:

2 basements for spacious parking, serving enough capacity for about 100 households in the apartment

2-storey commercial center with supermarkets of food, household goods and essential items is to meet the shopping needs of the resident right in the building.

The remaining 13 floors are luxury apartments designed with a diverse area from 1 bedroom to 3-bedroom apartments, meeting the living needs of young households or households with generations living together.

Oriental Westlake Ho Tay apartments include apartments from 1 - 3 bedrooms with different areas, ranging from 55m2 - 116m2, with spectacular views toward West Lake, Lac Long Quan Street or Buoi Market.

Oriental Westlake apartments - 174 Lac Long Quan is designed in a luxurious and modern European style, combining spacious views from apartments to create a relaxed and pure feeling for every resident living here.


Enjoy the benefits of modern urban in the heart of nature

Oriental Westlake deserves to be the ideal choice for families who love modern life, fresh and full living environment of a central quarter with 2 views, a panoramic view of the romantic West Lake and a panoramic view toward vibrant city.

Located in the Golden location of the capital, this area is always the first choice for modern life, when having the perfect combination between nature and the poetic West Lake and comfortable urban areas with synchronous infrastructure.

- 500m to West Lake and Buoi Market

- 6km to Ho Guom Lake and 3km from Botanical Park

- Near many schools, kindergartens, hospitals, shopping centers and many offices

- Only 10 minute drive to Nhat Tan Bridge or the city center.

With the advantage of being located in a dynamic urban area in ​​the west of the city, it is a challenging to find another ideal location for the modern and dynamic life but intimating to nature like Oriental Westlake.







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