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Project Overview

Project name: The Lotus Central (Golden lotus flower)

Investor and Project development unit: Vimefulland

Contractor: Ecoba Vietnam

Includes 3 subdivisions:

Platium center point (officetel)

Green Central Villas (BT2, BT5, adjacent, duplex villas),

Goden Center Lake (apartments C5, C6 and BT10),

In addition, the CCB area (41 shophouse houses on the public martial arts street), and the BT8 area

Including 2 periods:

Period 1: 1 building of Oficetell, 80 adjacent houses - duplex villas in BT5A, BT5B, BT5C ..

Period 2: 8 apartment buildings C5-C6, CCB, BT2. BT10, BT8

Total area: 18.8 ha

Architecture: classic, neoclassical.

Construction density: 40%

Expected handover: quarter 4/2020

The Lotus Center is Vimefulland's second major project, on an area of 18.8ha, consisting of 3 main sections (green leaf, white cotton, yellow halter), Green Center Villas, Platinum Center Point, Golden Center Lake.

The Lotus Center project brings classic and neoclassical architectural style which is suitable to those who loves romantic, gentle and profound to make life more color. Greek lifestyle have given a vitality, a challenge of time, symbolizing the pure, healthy and delicate beauty of classical architecture

Castle villa architecture - The trendy life between prosperity

Adjacent villa architecture - Upscale lifestyle

The Lotus Center is considered to be the last elite member to be admitted to the NamThang Long urban complex, residents can experient the upscale lifestyle in the latest sports and entertainment center of Hanoi capital, with the system of 5-star hotels, luxurious Club, Asian-European restaurant system, Cafe, Sport Bar and large event room.

Duplex villas architecture – Happy life with dream house

The villa area, adjacent to Green central villas like green leaves, swings in front of the wind in a cool lotus lagoon, Green Center Villas features adjacent villas, elegant and luxurious classic, Next to the immense green nature, harmonizing modern beats with dynamic Nam Thang Long urban complex.

Architecture of high-class apartment buildings - Lake view apartment

Golden Center Lake, is a high building complex located in the most central, bustling position of the area. Being considered as the "yellow pistil" iridescent, the embodiment of luck, fortune and wealth, this is a golden opportunity to own expensive lake view apartments on the land of prosperity, peace and prosperity love, immerse yourself in the cloudy scenery of West Lake in the early morning dawn or when the sunset falls.

Officetel building architecture - Modern and dynamic office

Platinum center point is a high-rise block officetel apartment not only brings beautiful view to the living space, work, the school of neo-classical architecture always gives people the feeling of luxury and distinct identity, but also worthy of being a safe place to settle for young entrepreneurs, domestic and international business units.




Premises of OFICE TELL design – OFFICETEL


Project name: Officetel Vimefulland - (platinum center point)

Location: land TM01 - Ciputra - Phu Thuong, West Lake, Hanoi.

Development unit: Vimefulland - belongs to Vimedimex pharmaceutical group

Design unit: NKB Archi

Area: 2ha

Construction unit: Ecoba Vietnam

Management unit: Savills Vietnam

Scale: 4 Don Nguyen, 5 basements, 40 floating floors:

     1-2 floor: Shophouse (will be sold to customers)

     3-4-5 floor: Vimedimex moved office back

     Floor 6-40: Apartment

Total number of apartments: 3395 units: 97 units / floor (4 elevator clusters, 6 clusters each)

Style area: 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms

     Type 1 bedroom: A1 46sqm (42 units), A2 50sqm (4 units), A3 56sqm (1 unit), A4 40sqm (2 units)

     Type 2 bedroom: B1 66sqm (42 units), B2 70sqm (1 unit), B3 76sqm (4 units), B4 113sqm (1 unit)

Estimated price: 40 -45 million / m2

Parking area: 69000 sqm

The surrounding roads: 17.5 sqm

There is a walkway connecting to Vo Chi Cong


Project name: Green central villas

Location: BT5 plot - Ciputra - Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

Development unit: Vimefulland - belongs to Vimedimex pharmaceutical group

Design unit: NKB Archi

Area: 2ha

Construction unit: Ecoba Vietnam

Management unit: Savills Vietnam

Includes 3 zones

      BT5A: 52 units (adjacent standard 7mx20, facade 7m, road 17.5m)

      BT5B: 23 units (adjacent 7mx20 standard, façade 7m, road 17.5m)

      BT5C: 6 previous apartments of 12 units (duplex villa 12mx30, façade 12m, road 21,5m)

Adjacent 4 floors + 1 cellar

duplex villa 3 floors + 1 cellar

6000m2 play area (3zones) is larger than 3 times of Edenrose square

Estimated selling price: VND 170-220 million / m2

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Residents from The Lotus Center only need less than 500m to “touch” HoTay - Green lung of the city, take a walk, have fun, enjoy delicious food, sip a cup of coffee, play chess, tea the pagoda in Ho Tay on windy afternoons.


Tay Ho District is considered the ideal weekend meeting place for city residents when they are immersed in HoTay water park, exploring the traditional villages for many generations such as: weaving silk, making paper, planting flowers, ... besides, there is a place to store many national historical relics such as Tran Quoc Pagoda, Ba Danh Pagoda, Ba Chua Lieu Temple.

Lotus is still silently and quietly, Then one morning, amidst the skies from the depths of the motherland, the scent of lotus does not fade ... that is all that Vimefulland wants to send to residents the Lotus Center project.


Swimming pool

Walking street




Reeding book garden




1. Officetel:

- Progress of payment

Phase 1: Pay 20%

Phase 2: Pay 10% (build 8th floor first)

Phase 3,4,5: Pay 10% (every 8 floors pay 1 time 10%).

Stage 6: Pay 10% when storing the roof

Stage 7: Pay 25% when receiving apartment

Stage 8: 5% pay of the Certificate

- Sales Policy: Donated 2 years of service management fees for customers.

2. Adjacent, villa:

Insurance: Free 2 years of service fee and currently discount 5% for 20 Adjacent and villa first.

Project location
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