Villas for rent in Vinhomes Harmony

Villas in Vinhomes The Harmony are designed with modern and sophisticated architecture, with open garden space and views of a large, harmonious lake creating a sense of comfort and relaxation for homeowners.

Architectural design of  townhouses in Vinhomes The Harmony

Villa models at Vinhomes The Harmony bring in modern beauty, elegance intertwined a bit classic, exquisite to every detail. Architecture is a break from the art of design, although bearing the direction of neoclassical style but capable of making the viewer feel the most comfortable of modern design.

The harmony of architecture represents the elegance and class of the entire urban area, where anyone wants to return after a tired, stressful working day.

The villas of the project are designed based on the unity of aesthetics and utility, giving the owners the best living values ​​than a simple luxury villa. In addition to the beauty of the exterior, interior elements are always the top concern of families. With 4 sub-zones corresponding to 4 different architectural styles, choosing the main interior design style for Vinhomes The Harmony villas is always focused.

Villa type Vinhomes The Harmony

- Single villas:

Vinhomes The Harmony detached villas are designed with elegance reflected from the architecture of the exterior with large columns outside the house, triangular roofs and decorative motifs of decorative fillings. Optimal use thanks to reasonable ground, many large doors for sunlight and natural wind.

  • Semi-detached villa

Semi-detached villas The Harmony Vinhomes Riverside possesses a harmonious appearance in the exterior and features of classic motifs, expressing architectural artistry and elaborate construction techniques. This is the difference of duplex apartments in the project compared to the same segment.

- Shophouses in Vinhomes The Harmony

At Vinhomes Riverside phase 2, shophouse commercial townhouses are the perfect choice for owners who need both business and living. The "dual" function - doing business on the first floor, convenient living "one step to the street" on the upper floors is the outstanding advantage of this type.

Perfect amenity infrastructure

In addition to the facilities and landscapes of the overall Vinhomes Riverside urban area such as 70ha of green space, Vincom Plaza Long Bien, BIS international school, dinosaur park, Vinhomes Health Club, Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony also has:

The central lake is 12.4ha wide and 10.5ha green space with 6km of winding canal

200 modern facilities with nearly 40 special highlight utilities such as the Adventure Park, the central square overlooking the lake, the reading island, the Greek Clubhouse, the European style garden.

 Not only giving residents a green and clean living space, Vinhomes Riverside 2 investor is also fully equipped with a system of utilities from swimming pool to modern sports facilities such as football field, tennis court, training ground. 20-lane golf course and gym, helping residents to practice health safely and effectively.

With class design and perfect utilities, adjacent villas Vinhomes The Harmony promises to be an attractive destination for a large number of customers as well as investors.

Currently, Tan Long Land is providing consulting services for Villa Villas adjacent to Vinhomes The Harmony with many offices in beautiful locations with reasonable prices. Enthusiastic, enthusiastic consultant team. If you need to find the latest and most detailed information about Vinhomes The Harmony adjacent villas for rent, please contact Tan Long Real Estate Floor directly for the best advice and support.

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