Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Smart City

Vinhomes Smart City project is invested by the Vingroup investor in cooperation with the world's leading design consultancy firm EDSA with a construction density of only nearly 15%, creating a great living space for future residents. Dynamic City inherits a classy and diverse system of utilities such as an outdoor swimming pool system, a garden, a walkway, international standard medical facilities, a school system at all levels and a regional experience, the largest sports park in Vietnam.

1 / Location of Vinhomes Smart City project apartment area

Vinhomes Smart City apartment of Vinhomes Smart City Project Tay Mo Dai Mo owns a golden position, located on Thang Long Boulevard, only less than 3 km from My Dinh National Convention Center, 2 territory of Tay Mo Ward - Dai Mo in the west of Hanoi. It is considered the golden position coordinates for active life.

Vinhomes Smart City Tay Mo Dai Mo  not only possesses a convenient location to help residents move easily on all sides, but also has the potential to boost the value of real estate.

Constantly evolving, residents of Vinhomes Smart City will experience the existing modern transport system and the civilized public rail system in the future.

2 / Design of Vinhomes Smart City apartment area

Vinhomes Smart City Smart City has many different types of apartments to meet all the needs of customers  from studio to 3 bedrooms or special area apartments are waiting for the Owner to buy them soon. Vinhomes Smart City project is divided into 05 subdivisions: The Dream 11 buildings; The Power 17 buildings; The Sun 09 buildings; The Hero 09 buildings; The Victory 12 buildings

The Vinhomes Smart City Tay Mo Dai Mo project will bring a luxurious and high-class living space inspired by  both warm and shining of the Sun. Not only paying attention to modern infrastructure, Vinhomes Smart City attaches great importance to the harmony between natural life and comfortable life. Every detail in the apartment is focused to bring an airy, relaxing living space thanks to smart design inspired by wind and natural light. At the same time, the low construction rate (only 14.7%) promises to bring a green - clean space in the heart of Hanoi.

Vinhomes Smart City apartment area includes 58 apartment buildings with a height of 35-39 floors according to 3 main types of Vinhomes's current apartments, including:

Vinhomes Sapphire is a modern apartment line for young people who are motivated by technology and tend to choose smart and flexible solutions in life.

Vinhomes Ruby is a more advanced apartment line, for groups of civilized and modern family customers, towards a high-class life, full of utility services.

Vinhomes Diamond is the most high-class apartment line in the Vinhomes system with high-class apartments with high-class utilities for elite customers.

3 / Utilities Vinhomes Smart City

The Vinhomes Smart City project is perfectly planned all in one with a large-scale system of modern services in Singapore and more ...

Swimming pool system with 08 large indoor and outdoor pools

System of sport facilities with 200 sports fields of all kinds: mini football field, tennis court, volleyball court, basketball court, badminton court, table tennis court, ...

The system of amusement park with the largest gym in Vietnam with:

1,200 gym machines, including 200 exercise machines scattered in the local area, 03 large BBQ parks with more than 100 barbecue spots are ideal picnic places. More than 60 children's playgrounds and continuous stadiums are arranged throughout the urban area.

Picnic park with white sand stretching along the lake, dance park, nursery garden system, aerobic park, bicycle park terrain diversity to help entertainment and increase activity.

In addition, at Vinhomes Smart City, the community of residents is guaranteed a safe living environment with 24/7 surveillance camera system and intelligent operating system using intercom to connect the apartment to the first floor and basement. help homeowners can proactively open the door for customers and elevator card scanning system to ensure the best security control.

4 / Smart community in Vinhomes Smart City

With Vinhomes product lines in general and Vinhomes Smart City in particular, investors always want to build a modern civilized community. Particularly the future residents of Vinhomes Smart City will be easily connected via smart management software installed on mobile devices. This tool will provide full information services and utilities in urban areas such as schools, hospitals, commercial centers, office buildings. Thanks to that, residents can easily pay for service charges and other living expenses via smartphones, or even schedule use of internal facilities such as BBQ parks with hundreds of grill points, swimming pools, kayaking area, patin park ..

Moreover, with the smart residents app, family members will experience the modern shopping style, just bring your smartphone to pay for most of the spending in the ecosystem Vingroup and its affiliated stores.

Currently Tan Long Land is providing consultancy services Vinhomes Smart City apartment for rent in beautiful location with reasonable prices with 14 flexible designs that allow customers to choose the design of "measure shoes" with the needs, interests and family size. Team of professional, enthusiastic counselors. If you need to find the latest and most detailed information about Vinhomes Smart City apartment for rent, please contact Tan Long Real Estate directly for advice and best support.

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