Villas for rent in Embassy Garden

Embassy Garden is one of the first villas and commercial buildings of Vietnam designed and built according to international standards, with separate open space and garden and central park system. located in the heart of the West Lake new urban area, this will be an attractive destination for many families.

Owning the central location of Tay Ho Tay urban area, Embassy Garden Tay Ho Tay is very convenient and convenient transportation, especially on West Lake with 500ha of water surface. The location of the Embassy Garden is considered the most beautiful in the West Lake West urban area, adjacent to many major roads, convenient for trade, travel. On the side of the Diplomatic Quarter is planned to build high-rise apartment buildings next to the project, while the trade centers are not arranged, creating favorable conditions for the business houses. Embassy Garden attracts a large number of shoppers from this urban area.
Embassy Garden villas with an area from 225m Garden, 239m, 259M, 396m. The single villas are located in quiet, quiet garden but the owner just takes a few minutes to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the modern shopping center, shopping and entertainment. outdoor activities. At Embassy Garden we bring pioneering designs to each villa, which deserves to be the true outdoor architectural work. We understand that the landscape, garden, outdoor playground will also be cared for in each stroke of the Architect to create a perfect living space.