Villas for rent in Embassy Garden - Overview

Embassy Garden project is known as a special super product in the Central Area of Tay Ho Tay New Urban Area - a classy, luxurious project, a fresh living environment in the west of West Lake. With the idea of providing residents with a fresh living space, villas for rent in Embassy Garden are eligible for those who want to live in  the land of harmonious interference between nature and people.

  • Project name: Villa and low-rise housing Embassy Garden.
  • Investor: Vietnam Asset Development Joint Stock Company.
  • Scale of the project: 35,851m2
  • Construction starts: July 2017
  • Date of handover: Quarter 1/2018

Embassy Garden project

Types of Villas for rent in Embassy Garden: 225m2, 228.8m2, 226.7m2, 237.9m2, 239.3m2, 258.3m2, 259.6m2, 246m2, 325.6m2, 399m2, 409m2; For shophouse Embassy Garden, there are typical areas as follows: 120m2 and 140m2.

Location of villas for rent in Embassy Garden 

Located in a favorable feng shui location - north of the Starlake Tay Ho Tay project (Xuan Tao Ward, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi), the contiguous location of the Embassy Garden project is as follows: South of the project adjacent to the road 60m, the west is adjacent to the extended Nguyen Van Huyen street (Ring Road 2.5) 50m wide, the north of the project is adjacent to the Diplomatic Corps urban area in Hanoi, the east is adjacent to the wide road 30m and administrative area, Xuan Tao ward medical station.

Owning a convenient location for travel, 18km to Noi Bai International Airport, 5.5km to Sword Lake, 1km to West Lake, 1.2km to the Ciputra urban area, 3km to National University, 2km to Metro, etc.

Location of Embassy Garden

Embassy Garden villas are uniquely designed, open space and close to nature, 100% of the villas for rent in Embassy Garden are single villas with 4 open sides, all adjacent to and close to the internal park. The Embassy Garden retal villas here all have a garage design on the first floor, a living room and a kitchen on the first floor, the bedrooms have balconies, 100% of the function rooms inside receive natural light from the outside. Outside, there is a terrace design where you can dry clothes or enjoy the urban landscape and fresh air of the West Lake area. Embassy Garden villa is located near the central park of the project, it is strictly security guarded and built in the direction of Neoclassical combined with modern. Renting villas for rent in Embassy Garden is a good choice for those who live and work in a convenient place. 

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