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Originating the emotional source of a green life, Ecopark urban area is created with high-class resort space, modern design that brings a great experience, helping the moments with family and friends become endless.


1. Introduction of Ecopark urban area

Ecopark Van Giang urban area project is a high-class real estate project, located in the southeast of Hanoi, invested by Viet Hung Investment and Urban Development Joint Stock Company, on a close scale. 500 hectares, total investment cost of 6 billion USD, construction of 13 apartment buildings, with 1500 apartments, 138 villas in Vuon Mai, 204 villas in Vuon Tung, along with Truc townhouses. Surrounded by nature, surrounded by the Red River and the Duong River, stretching along the banks of the Bac Hung Hai River, creating a harmonious lake with an area of ​​100 hectares. With an area of ​​about 1.5 ha, Ecopark Van Giang apartment complex with pine design promises to bring a full life.

Located on an area of ​​nearly 500 hectares, started construction in 2009, Ecopark is expected to be completed in 2029, with a total investment of up to 6 billion USD. Ecopark Van Giang high-class apartment project has a diverse area, luxurious design, meeting all the needs of households.

Ecopark apartment project includes 13 apartment buildings. Total floor area (excluding basement) 160,185sqm, 3 buildings with 19 floors, 6 buildings with 22 floors, 4 buildings with 25 floors, total of 1500 apartments, 138 villas in Vuon Mai, 204 villas in Vuon Tung , along with the Truc townhouses.


2. Why rent an Ecopark villa?

Perfect location, convenient in moving

Located in the southeast of the capital, located in the upper reaches of the Bac Hung Hai river, the Ecopark Van Giang project has an ideal location for trade.

Besides, the highlight of the urban area is surrounded by the Red River and Duong River, the whole land stretches along the rich Bac Hung Hai River. This is considered a special feature of the project that is almost only found in developed countries.

Every major city in the world is famous for being associated with a river, and a measure of its development is the ability to satisfy the needs of landscape, daily life, leisure and entertainment. Feng shui for residents.

With an ideal location, along with a large scale of nearly 500 hectares, the area of ​​the lake is up to 100 hectares, bringing fresh air and environment where rare. In addition, the great rivers also bring attractive tourism potentials along the river, opening up an open space, full of nature.

Modern design, classy living space

Ecopark Van Giang high-class villas are designed with diverse types of area, designed from 3-4 bedrooms. All types of villas welcome natural light, especially riverside villas, creating a cool living space, close to nature, giving residents many choices. Luxury villa systems, at Ecopark include: Park River Ecopark, Palm Springs and Aqua Bay.


• Palm Springs Ecopark

Product in phase 1 of Ecopark is Palm Springs Ecopark with 2 high-class villas: Vuon Mai Villa and Vuon Tung Villa.

- Vuon Mai villa

Vuon Mai Community Villas owns the most beautiful location in Ecopark planning, where Bac Hung Hai river bends, forming a charming green strip. The design of Vuon Mai Ecopark villas has a diverse area, from 160-203 (semi-detached villas) and 296-618sqm (detached villas) luxurious, modern and ready to hand over to customers.

-Vuon Tung Villa

Vuon Tung Villa Area also owns an equally favorable position, with the Bac Hung Hai River curving around, creating great conditions for this place to enjoy the beautiful feng shui position and mild natural atmosphere. . Villa area planning includes single and semi-detached apartments with an area of ​​156-890sqm, completed and ready to be handed over to customers.

• Park River Ecopark

Park River Ecopark is a phase 2 product of Ecopark urban area located on the southern bank of Bac Hung Hai river, belonging to the water product chain planning of Ecopark urban area. With the triangular soil, especially the 2 sides open to the lake and Bac Hung Hai river, creating a great advantage in the location of the villas here.

• The West borders 2B commercial townhouses and international schools

• The Southeast enjoys the poetic landscape of the lake park

• Bordering with Bac Hung Hai River to the Northwest, directly approaching Bac Hung Hai river surface (unique in Ecopark urban area planning)

• Located adjacent to the bustling commercial and tourist area of ​​Ecopark urban area

At Park River Ecopark, unique and unique riverside villas launched for the first time in the Vietnamese market have attracted a great deal of market attention. Along with the area and variety of villa systems, it is sure to meet the maximum demand and customer tastes.

- Duplex villa

- Central duplex villas

- Villa by the lake

• Villa Aquabay Ecopark

After completing the Palm Springs complex on the North bank of Bac Hung Hai river, including Vuon Tung villa area, Vuon Mai, Rung Co apartment, Pho Truc commercial townhouse and Pho Cuc townhouse, along with many amenities utility synchronized on the landscape, modern services. Ecopark continues to implement phase 2 at the southern gateway - Aqua Bay Ecopark. Inheriting and promoting typical villa products such as semi-detached villas, detached villas, commercial townhouses ... Aqua Bay Ecopark villas promises to be the top attractive product line in the next phase.


International standard utilities, meeting the needs of the high-class resort

Not only is an ideal place to live, but Ecopark Van Giang has also formed a standard lifestyle. Coming to the project, customers can choose for themselves different types of housing, from villas, townhouses to apartments in a variety of areas, designs as well as reasonable investment.

 Ecopark Van Giang project not only focuses on planning space, architecture and infrastructure to create a perfect and classy ecological urban but also creates its own value by forming a utility system, Community welfare and management services according to international standards ... so that people have the opportunity to enjoy the quintessence of modern life. Which includes:

- Diverse commercial townhouse chains, supermarkets meet the shopping needs of residents.

- The educational system is deployed with the school system from preschool to university, meeting the high quality education standards of Vietnam and internationally.

- Health facilities are focused on investing and expanding in the future.

- Diverse entertainment, entertainment and sport area with many green parks, walking paths, swimming pools, gyms, body care services, art clubs ...

Especially, every day, hundreds of Ecopark's private buses are completely free, there are many convenient stops, accurate tracking software, enabling people to move anywhere easily.

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