Ecopark, the largest green urban area in the North, once won the award for Urban Area with the most beautiful landscape design in the world awarded by IPA, and is currently the #1 suburban tourist destination of Hanoi people.

On December 4, 2020, Ecopark was honored as "Asia's Best Urban Area" by the Asian Propery Awards 2020.

As a green urban area, possessing a large space, Ecopark is the ideal choice for families. Villas for rent in Ecopark always maintain their heat and attract special attention from many customers.

Villa in Lang Ha Lan Ecopark

Entering the Lang Ha Lan Ecopark, visitors will be lost in a beautiful, poetic paradise like in a fairy tale. Visitors will be captivated by the beautiful natural scenery with resort villas, flower shops, tea and cake shops, restaurants, wine restaurants... in a lovely European style, located among gardens, reflecting on the gentle and poetic canals, connected by bridges.

Project scale: 8.5 hectares

Area of trees & water surface: 5.3 ha (62%)

Number of products: 107 units

Single villa: 10 units

Duplex villas: 62 units

Commercial townhouses: 35 units

Design style: Dutch Old Village style

Villa in Ecopark Grand

More than just an architectural work, Ecopark Grand Island villa gives homeowners the experience of the values of an ecological living space, where there is the scent of trees, colors of flowers, the atmosphere of the taste of water, the golden sun pouring down from the sky and the sound of stillness.

Ecopark Grand Island villa area is designed like palm branches spreading on both sides of the main road, and 4 sides are surrounded by water.

Total area 60.4 ha

Water surface area accounts for nearly 50% (29.6ha).

Tree area is 13% (7.9ha)

Traffic area: 4.8 ha

Planning unit: WATG

Villa Mimosa Ecopark

The Mimosa Valley villa complex is the perfect combination of European living space installation art with traditional Vietnamese culture to suit the tropical monsoon climate of the North. Each Mimosa Valley villa is a work of architecture that is luxurious, elegant, sophisticated and affirms the class of the owner. With an open and separate space, in the "valley" filled with peaceful and quiet green... Mimosa Valley offers owners a life of the countryside - living like a resort every day.

Total area of the site: 8ha

Including 176 single and duplex villas

Number of floors: 3.5 floors

Number of bedrooms: The villas are designed with 3 to 4 bedrooms

Villa Marina Ecopark

As the vibrant highlight of Aqua Bay, the Marina Waterfront Residences lakeside villa complex is designed in a modern architectural style, making the most of the open space close to nature overlooking the large lake, including duplex and single villas

The villas and commercial townhouses are designed to face the main street and lake surface, creating busy commercial activities. Marina Waterfront Residences is a gem that creates a vibrant highlight at Aqua Bay, bringing sustainable value and the most vibrant lakeside community in Ecopark urban area.

Total area: 9.2 ha

Development direction: Duplex villas, detached villas and commercial duplexes

Total number of villas: 189 units

Villa height: 3.5 floors

Number of bedrooms: 3 - 4 bedrooms

Villa Park River Ecopark

Located right on the south of Bac Hung Hai River and adjacent to the Dutch Village sub-area, Park River is part of a series of unique waterfront products of Ecopark urban area, with great incentives given by nature. Surrounding Park River are villas on the island full of elegance; along with bustling commercial areas and beautiful resorts.

Designed as a green oasis with a balanced ecosystem between the landscape of rivers, trees and lush parks. The residential villas are designed in a variety of styles including duplex villas, riverside villas and lake view villas… with a delicate and harmonious combination bringing a dynamic urban space associated with the nature.

Villa in Vuon Tung Ecopark

Vuon Tung duplex and single villas with modern and luxurious house architecture are designed with emphasis on open space, friendly with nature. Owners will be immersed in a tropical forest full of trees. Green and warm sunshine.

Vuon Tung Villa is considered as a model of a world-class eco-urban, providing users with the highest quality in terms of infrastructure, architecture, design, furniture and living space, etc.

The total area of Vuon Tung Ecopark is 11,107ha.

Including 210 single and duplex villas

138 detached villas with an area of ​​293m - 890m2

72 semi-detached villas with an area of ​​156m2 - 230m2

Construction density: 40% of the total area, the remaining 60% is divided equally among other works and the percentage of trees

241m2 including security guard and staff

2,575.93m2 including swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court and club

1.58ha for trees and amusement park

2.83ha for roads in the area

Villa in Vuon Mai Ecopark

With a product model similar to Vuon Tung, Vuon Mai villas are immersed in the green shade of hundreds of ancient trees, shade trees and a variety of flowers, creating a unique picture of nature.

The duplex and single villas with modern and luxurious house architecture are designed with emphasis on open space, friendly with nature. Owners will be immersed in a tropical forest filled with green trees and warm sunshine. Or enjoy integrated utility services to meet the needs of every apartment owner: gym, badminton court, tennis court, restaurant, outdoor event area... All are invested Modern equipment as well as 5-star standard service.