Things To Avoid When Decorating Small Area House

Decoration is completely complicated work. Especially small apartments, if not properly decorated, it will make the house look narrow.

Use only bright colors

Usually, for small rooms or small houses, homeowners often choose paint or wallpaper with bright tones. Colors like white, beige or cream... are quite popular colors appearing in small spaces nowadays.

Wisely using colors, you still get the ideal space

However, when dealing with “the cramped” problem by using these popular color, your modest space is easily in a boring state. If you love white color, you should add furniture with contrasting colors so that the room has more accents and depths.

For small rooms, a daring color or deep tones will make the space more depth. In this way, your room will shine without worrying about the small area. Use bold colors for the detail of the furniture.

Do not dare to use wallpaper with patterns

When choosing wallpaper for a modest room, many people often overlook paper types with floral patterns. They think that the room will look a frightful jumble.

According to experts, for houses with limited area, the selection of patterned paper will create highlights to attract the eye, then no one will pay attention to the area of ​​the apartment.

Use only small furniture

Lots of people still assume that their home space has a relatively small area; therefore, furniture should only be in small size accordingly. However, the small area plus small furniture will make uncomfortable view when looking at it. Thence, instead of buying a wide range of items with the same small size, focus on buying the necessary things, even if the medium sized item is fine.

Not taking full advantage of the area

For small houses, in the process of decorating, you need to make the most of the area and space in the room. For example, instead of buying a large wardrobe in the bedroom, you should choose a closet. Or attach cupboard, TV cabinets on the wall instead of buying shelves. This secret will help you save the maximum room area, expand the room and create comfort.


A window without curtains won't expand the room space. In addition, the short height curtains hanging from the windows will make the room shorten in height, thus making it look smaller.

Hanging the curtains as close as possible to the ceiling to “cheat” area

So, try to find a way to hang the curtain as high as possible, it will help create a higher ceiling illusion, increase the extra area for the already cramped room.

Decoration creates accents

A common sense of people living in small spaces is to buy enough furniture to use in daily life and forget about buying decorations that create accents for the room. This may not affect the wide or narrow feeling of each house, but it makes your home monotonous.