Painting Tips and Tricks: The 3 COLOR RULE makes Painting Easy! YEAH!

After choosing the feng shui paint colors, you can combine 2-3 colors to make the front facade more eye-catching and impressive.

According to the Five Elements of Mutual Generation, the feng shui elements based on birthday calculations can assist you in a better

feng shui design for your home, but more importantly, it can provide you with a life map so you can take advantage of opportunities.

You can also gain a better understanding of the challenges you will face throughout life based on your strengths and weaknesses, as well as

how to correct them using colors and symbols. Specifically: The owner has water birth element  in blue, purple and black;

Martian people can paint red, pink; Turkish people should use water paint yellow, earth yellow or brown; Kim's owner is best suited

for white, gray, silver, copper and gold.

Coordinate gray gray - green

Color milk coffee - orange soil

Yellow-brown color scheme