The Canopy Residences
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The Canopy Residences - Luxurious Apartment Collaboration

The Canopy Residences, a premium apartment complex developed in collaboration between Vinhomes and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), is set to be officially introduced in the near future. Located within Vinhomes Smart City, residents will not only experience sophisticated urban living but also enjoy amenities reminiscent of a resort, creating a splendid harmony between the dynamic urban space and the intelligent international city lifestyle.

Overview of The Canopy Residences:

  • Project Name: The Canopy Residences
  • Investor: Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC)
  • Location: Proximity to The Tonkin urban area and Masteri West Heights urban area
  • Scale: 3 apartment buildings
  • Number of Apartments: 1,758 units
  • Number of Floors: 38 floors
  • Building Density: 16 units/floor
  • Number of Basements: 2
  • Apartment Types: Studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 2-bedroom + 1, 3-bedroom, 3-bedroom + 1
  • Area: From 29 to 93 m2
  • Management and Operation Unit: Vinhomes Joint Stock Company
  • Ownership Form: Long-term ownership

The Canopy Residences Nam Tu Liem is poised to offer a luxurious living experience, symbolizing the harmonious blend of modern urban life and resort-like amenities. The collaboration between Vinhomes and GIC further ensures the project's quality and excellence.

Location of The Canopy Residences project

The strategic location of The Canopy Residences positions it near the third overpass, a direct connection point to the expanded Le Trong Tan Road (also known as Gate 5 within the Vinhomes Smart City project). Thanks to this advantage, future residents of The Canopy Residences will have convenient access to surrounding residential areas and amenities.

Adjacent Directions of The Canopy:

  • Southwest: Parking Zone 3 combined with commercial amenities.
  • Northwest: Proximity to The Tonkin project and Vinschool.
  • Northeast: Adjacent to the Masteri West Heights project.
  • Southeast: The internal ecosystem of amenities within The Canopy.

Layout of The Canopy Residences

The layout of The Canopy Residences project includes:

  • 3 apartment buildings, totaling approximately 1,758 units.
  • Z-shaped tower design, with a density of 16 units/floor.
  • 7 modern elevators.
  • Wide 1.8m lobby corridors.

The project layout of The Canopy Residences adheres to the design standards of The Tonkin residential area. Within Vinhomes Smart City, The Canopy Residences comprises 3 towers with a total of 1,758 apartments, including:

  • The Canopy Vista
  • The Canopy Summit
  • The Canopy Harmony

The Canopy Vista is the first tower to be offered for sale, providing expansive views of the area and serving as the starting point for the development of the smart city. It is an ideal place to create a home for future owners with a refined lifestyle.

Types of apartments in The Canopy Residences

The product types at The Canopy Residences are designed to a higher standard and significantly optimized compared to previous projects.

Studio Apartments:

  • Quantity: To be updated
  • Area: 28.8 – 34.8 m2
  • Units/floor: To be updated

1-Bedroom Apartments:

  • Quantity: To be updated
  • Area: 41.9 – 45.4 m2
  • Units/floor: To be updated

2-Bedroom Apartments:

  • Quantity: To be updated
  • Area: 61.1 – 64.9 m2
  • Units/floor: To be updated

2-Bedroom + 1 Apartments:

  • Quantity: To be updated
  • Area: 68.6 – 76.2 m2
  • Units/floor: To be updated

3-Bedroom Apartments:

  • Quantity: To be updated
  • Area: 79.7 – 80.5 m2
  • Units/floor: To be updated

3-Bedroom + 1 Apartments:

  • Quantity: To be updated
  • Area: 92.3 m2
  • Units/floor: To be updated

These smartly designed apartments offer flexibility to meet the diverse needs of customers for both living and investment purposes.

Amenities in The Canopy Residences project

Situated near the Central Park in a prime location, The Canopy Residences offers residents the convenience of experiencing a variety of amenities within 15 themed parks, catering to all age groups. These parks include:

  • Skating Park
  • Chess Park
  • BBQ Park
  • Outdoor Gym Park with over 1000 exercise machines
  • Outdoor Golf Park
  • Camping Park
  • Dance Park
  • and more...

Additionally, The Canopy Residences is in close proximity to a modern parking facility with 10 integrated commercial and service shophouses. This area also features the Vinschool education system and several public schools under construction.

Although the land area of The Canopy Residences is limited, the developer strives to design four main utility spaces in line with the spirit and style of Singapore:

  • Various types of flowers imported directly from Singapore
  • Internal lighting system equipped with a variety of plants
  • The internal utility ecosystem is built with multilayered, multileveled, and diverse elements
  • Over 20 in-building utilities

The Canopy Residences Pricing - Updated 2023

The pricing for The Canopy Residences offers a range of diverse options, varying depending on the size and scale of each apartment. With an average price starting from 1.3 billion VND, interested individuals can own a modern apartment in this prestigious area.

  • The Canopy Residences Pricing: Updating……..

For more detailed information regarding buying, selling, transferring, or renting real estate at The Canopy Residences project, please contact the Tan Long Real Estate office.

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