Lumi Ha Noi
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Overview of Lumi Hanoi

On November 6, CapitaLand Development (CLD) officially announced a luxury apartment project called Lumi Hanoi, with a favorable location in the west of the capital. The total development value of the Lumi Hanoi project is expected to be about more than 1 billion Singapore dollars, equivalent to ~ 18 trillion VND.
  • Official project name: LUMI HANOI
  • Address: C3-CH01-1 Tay Mo - Dai Mo Hanoi 
  • Investor: CapitaLand Development 
  • Main design consultant: Studio Milou 
  • Landscape unit: Tinder Box 
  • Overall area: 5.6 hectares, of which 4.3 hectares are for landscaping 
  • Total investment: More than 1 billion Singapore dollars ~ 18 trillion VND 
  • Construction density: less than 30% 
  • Number of towers: 9 towers from 29 meters high - 35 floors, including 01 basement; 
  • The basement of 05 Lumi Signature buildings are interconnected and 01 outdoor parking.
  • Product: 3950 apartments area of ​​1-bedroom to 4-bedroom apartment: 42m2 - 135m2
  • Duplex & Penthouse area: 193m2 - 377m2 
  • Construction date: First quarter of 2024 
  • Handover time (Estimated): 2026

Diamond location of Lumi Hanoi

Location of Lumi Hanoi project - It is known that location with immutable value is always the most important guarantee that determines the potential of real estate, so all information about the coordinates of Lumi Hanoi in the west of the capital The capital is always strongly "hunted" by sophisticated investors.
Located in the western area of ​​Hanoi - the new administrative center of the capital, Lumi Hanoi urban area benefits from developed transportation infrastructure planning, and is close to a diverse utility system. such as: Schools, hospitals, shopping centers, parks, shopping centers,... ready to meet all shopping, educational, health care needs of all residents.
Regarding transportation, Lumi Hanoi coordinates are located at the intersection of many key routes from road to metro, bringing great value in transportation. From here, residents only take a few minutes to reach Thang Long Avenue, Le Trong Tan Street,...
  • About 20 minutes drive to Hanoi Center 
  • Only 45 minutes to Noi Bai International Airport 
  • 350m to My Dinh National Stadium 
  • Located near many big projects: Vinhomes Smart City, Masteri West Heights
In addition, the Western region also witnessed a "change" in regional infrastructure, including the Cat Linh - Ha Dong elevated railway, the BRT rapid bus route, and the upcoming planning of Metro No. 5, 6, 7. Once this metro line is completed, this is the factor that will help raise real estate prices in the area in general and the Lumi Hanoi project in particular. The apartments here will definitely be a "magnet" to attract elite investors because of their valuable location and outstanding development potential in the future.


Plan drawing of Lumi Hanoi

Possessing a land fund of more than 5.6 hectares, the Lumi Hanoi project site is developed with 9 towers of 29 to 35 floors, with convenient space, fresh landscape, in harmony with nature. In particular, the car parking ratio is greater than 80% for the entire project. The apartments in here are handed over to outstanding standards, providing not only a luxurious but also fully furnished place to live. elite community. 
In addition, the investor's goal with the Lumi Hanoi project is also to achieve EDGE certification from IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. It is not difficult to understand that right within the area, sustainable characteristics in The project's health is evident through 4.3 hectares of green landscape, rainwater collection system, ecological lake, habitat system as well as charging station area for electric vehicles and bicycles.

The type of real estate in Lumi Hanoi

Lumi Hanoi apartment is expected to launch 3,950 luxury apartments, including 1 to 3 bedroom apartments, along with trendy Duplex and Penthouse product lines in limited quantities.

  • Acreage of ​​1 bedroom apartment: 42.2 m2
  • Acreage of ​​2-bedroom apartment: 53.8m2 - 74.3m2
  • Acreage of ​​3-bedroom apartment: 81.3m2 - 117.8m2
  • Duplex's acreage: 193.2m2 - 211.7m2
  • Penthouse's acreage: 368.3m2 - 377m2

True to the name "Lumi Hanoi", inspired by "lumière", meaning light in French, the investor wants to spread the message: A home is the key to maintaining a fulfilling life, just like like light - is indispensable for anyone. But following that spirit, Lumi Hanoi apartment is built perfectly, harmoniously blending luxurious architecture with space filled with light from large glass windows.

Notable amenities system of Lumi Hanoi

Beyond the value of a place to live, owners at Lumi Hanoi will enjoy the space of modern apartments, leading new trends. The class of utility services, outstanding delivery standards, or the sophistication of architecture - criteria that rarely appear at the same time in an apartment project, now converge perfectly at this location. 

Indeed, at the project, the apartments owners will have the privilege of enjoying more than 80 diverse internal amenities, bringing a unique experience of "one touch, thousands of utilities appear":

Outdoor amenities: 

  • Outdoor cinema
  • Pet park
  • Walking path
  • .....

Indoor amenities: 

  • Reception hall
  • Resident party room
  • Sky party room
  • Sports facilities : Multi-purpose sports ground, 2 Gyms, 3D Golf
  • ... 

The investor's sustainable design rainwater collection system with 3 million liters of rainwater/year used to reuse for watering plants and filtering aquatic plants serve other activities.


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