Harmony Vinhomes urban area is one of the first urban areas in Vietnam to own luxurious, classy riverside houses and villas, designed and built according to the model of the
 Italian city of Venice, Quality comparable to high-end villa projects in the world.

Vinhomes Harmony phase 2 is located in the leading Vinhomes The Harmony ecological urban area in Vietnam in Phuc Loi, Phuc Dong, Viet Hung and Long Bien wards by 
Sai Dong Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company - Subsidiary of Vingroup Group as investor. Vinhomes The Harmony urban area has a total construction area 
of ​​183.5ha + 96.5 ha phase 2, with low construction density according to the design standard of the model of Venice city of Italy, Vinhomes The Harmony is also known as Venice. 
in the heart of Hanoi.

The houses at Vinhomes Harmony are organized to build architectural planning on the basis of "introvert" with the nucleus of green garden, green lake and landscape with a total 
area of ​​wide, soft and very lively winding. In the modern architectural space of a large project with high-class constructions, the building construction cluster is arranged in many 
"open" directions, very harmonious with many beautiful landscape landscapes, creating a unification. The highest altitude is at the same time conveniently connected to the transport