Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis - Hanoi remarkable design 

Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis - Carefully crafted with an emphasis on refined luxury, No29 at Lieu Giai Street is delivering a new level of living to Hanoi.

Learn about apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis, Hanoi, 2023

Vinhomes Metropolis apartments hit the market when they officially opened for sale. Until now, this complex, including a commercial center, offices, and luxury apartments, remains at the top level of the luxury property sector. 

Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis

Not only opening for sale, apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis also offer the best destination for those seeking a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Designed by award-winning architects, Vinhomes Metropolis apartments for rent reflects the local area's distinct sense of energy and creativity. 

  • Position: No. 29, Lieu Giai Street, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District
  • Developer: Vietnam Investment and Consulting Joint Stock Company (belonging to Vingroup)
  • Design unit: Atkins (Anh Quoc)
  • Management and operation unit: Vinhomes Joint Stock Company
  • Masterplan: 3.5ha
  • The density of construction: 46.1% 
  • Scale: 3 apartment buildings, two office buildings, 11 Sky villas 
  • Commencement: 2016
  • Handover time: December 2018

The prime location of Vinhomes Metropolis apartments for rent 

Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis are considered a "shining star" of the capital, with well-planned infrastructure in the "golden" land. Vinhomes Metropolis is at the forefront of the new project, an exciting up-and-coming neighborhood perfectly positioned just 4km from Hanoi's Old Quarter and in easy walking distance to LOTTE Shopping Mall and Capital Place building.

Specifically, Vinhomes Metropolis apartments for rent/sale are at 29 Lieu Giai Street, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, considered a CBD precinct in the inner city. 

apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis

Apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis: Connected to key transport, leading schools and universities, business bubs, and an unparalleled selection of leisure activities, you will have access to everything you need right on your front doorstep. 

  • International political and diplomatic agencies: Japanese Embassy, Korean Embassy, Netherlands Embassy, Van Phuc Diplomatic, etc.
  • Leading schools: RMIT universities, Hanoi international school, Singapore international school, etc.
  • Hospitals: National Hospital of Pediatrics, Hospital of Transport, Hospital of Central Obstetrics and Gynecology,...
  • Entertainment areas: Lotte Center, Daewoo Hotel. 

As more foreign professionals and established corporate workers opt into the leasing lifestyle, new luxury rental options are apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis that may be worth trusting. 

Types of properties of Vinhomes Metropolis 

Developed types of property in the M1 building

Modern apartment: 472 units

    - 1-bedroom apartment (55.52 - 55.87m2)

    - 2-bedroom apartment (78.09 - 82.59m2)

    - 3-bedroom apartment (110.24 - 129.51m2)

    - 4-bedroom apartment (146.19m2)

   Penthouse: 5 units (214.9 - 281.5m2)

Developed types of property in the M2 building

Modern apartment: 588 units

    - Vinhomes 1-bedroom apartment (49.78 - 57.17m2)

    - Vinhomes 2-bedroom apartment (73.05 - 80.02m2)

    - Vinhomes 3-bedroom apartment (100.07 - 120.2m2)

    - Vinhomes 4-bedroom apartment (143.19 - 143.44m2)

   Sky villa: 6 units (279.9 - 499.9m2)

Developed types of property in the M3 building

Modern apartment: 511 units

   - 1 bedroom apartment (55.52 - 55.87m2)

   - 2 bedroom apartment (78.09 - 82.59m2)

   - 3-bedroom apartment (110.24 - 129.51m2)

   - 4-bedroom apartment (146.19m2)

  Sky villa: 5 units (395.1 - 475m2)

The entire exterior of the apartments in Vinhomes Metropolis is designed with floor-to-ceiling Low-E glass, capturing the picturesque views of West Lake and the city. 

Besides, Vinhomes Metropolis apartments have open spaces that maximize the sunlight and wind, delivering a fresh atmosphere for owner-occupiers.

However, apartments for rent in Vinhomes Metropolis include the polished luxe interior crafted by an internationally renowned designer makes these residences stand out from the crowd. 

  • All Vinhomes Metropolis apartments for rent are equipped with elegant wall-mounted furniture, bathtubs, and sanitary imported from Germany, such as Duravit and Hansgrohe brands.
  • Energy-saving reverse cycle air conditioner
  • Apply high-quality Low-E glass, providing a sweeping view, keeping temperature balance, and UV protection double with a reduced power consumption of households.


As one of the leading reputable investors in the field of developing high-end apartment projects in Vietnam, Vingroup brings to customers the experience for residents of extremely professional utilities and services. .

What utilities and services are available at Vinhomes Metropolis?

1. Standard swimming pool 16. Aquatic vegetation
2. Relaxing tank 17. Floating Lounge Area
3. Child pool 18. Covered walkways
4. Sliding bridge 19. Versatile lawn
5. Fountain 20. Green garden
6. Playground with landscape 21. Landscape wall
7. Lounge lounge cafe covered 22. Sculpture in the grass
8. Lounge lounge cafe outdoors 23. Waterfall
9. Interactive fountain 24. Floating garden
10. Landscape of 3 gardens 25. Photo corner
11. Flower arch gate 26. Sightseeing hut
12. Seats with arches 27. Children’s playground
13. Foot massage promenade 28. Tree tub
14. Outdoor sports area 29. Water walk
15. Sculpture in floating garden 30. BBQ Garden

With the above facilities and services, the investor Vingroup will bring to tenants of Vinhomes Metropolis apartments an upper-class life and the experience of a luxury residence in the heart of Hanoi city.

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