Apartments in Mon City is located on one of the most beautiful position in capital with three fronts contiguous three prime street where concentrate on many traffic arteries connecting to inner Hanoi and neighbouring province. The residents will enjoy airy living space and utilize high quality facilities, modern technical infrastructure, high level of intellectual, sufficiently amenities such as Hospital, Sport hotel, Crowe hotel,VAS,Thuong Mai university, bank,etc 
+ Mon 1 area : including 2 towers with 30 storeys, 2 basements, 2 commercial floors and 28 floor apartments
Mon 2 area: consists of complex high-rise buildings with interconnected basement floors, commercial floors, entertainment area
Mon block: consists 147 adjacent houses, designed 5 floors
Mon City is designed by ADEDAS, which is leading architecture firm of Hong Kong. With European style, designers have been intergrated by innovative ideals to bring the campus green, in sync with all the high-end facilities. Mon City offers superior level that meet sufficiently range of amenities from high-ranking apartments to offices
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If you want to stay in Mon City apartment, just send us your requirements and we will select and arrange the visit to your right home in the shortest time with reasonable price.