Villas for rent in Vinhomes Riverside

With a romantic Venice style, escaping from the cramped feeling of the townhouses in the capital, and also suitable for the development needs of the urban area, Vinhomes Riverside Villa is considered as a super product between In Hanoi's heart, gold products are the most sought after by investors today.

The prime gateway location of Vinhomes Riversides

Vinhomes Riverside owns a scale of up to 183 hectares at the Northeastern gateway of the Capital, one of the prime locations when it is less than 6.5 km from Hoan Kiem Lake and 5.5 km from Chuong Duong Bridge foot; near the Vinh Tuy bridge. From here, customers can easily connect with key projects of the Capital with modern road or overhead transport system.

Located not too far from the center, owners of Vinhomes Riverside houses will be able to experience a peaceful life with quiet space, with relaxing garden corners without separating the bustling utilities in the city.

Vinhomes Riverside Villa - Luxury Venetian riverside villa

Vinhomes Riverside villas complex is divided into clusters of villas named after: Hoa Anh Dao Village Villa, Bang Lang Villa, Hoa Sua Villa, Hoa Phuong Villa, Hoa Lan Villa. With a flexible area of ​​111 m2 to over 2,000 m2, this place offers customers a completely new experience of villa space in Hanoi, by the romantic river system, in harmony with blue throughout. Fitness campus.

Surely, this place will become an ideal stop, when you leave the workplace, away from the hustle and bustle, tired, be back home with relatives and family, enjoy the minutes sweet and happy seconds in the peaceful green space of trees and water but still provide all the convenient services of a civilized and modern city.

Vinhomes Riversides owns a system of artificial trees and rivers with a total area of ​​up to 600,000m2, connecting all the villas, creating a unified population. Along with the BBQ garden - the space for meeting activities for residents, creating a close, cohesive and vibrant residential complex.

Vinhomes Riverside villa design style

All houses in Vinhomes Riverside Ecological Urban Area are designed with innovative designs, harmoniously combining luxurious and classy European designs with friendly, warm Asian design. The "unlike anyone" at Vinhomes Riverside villa.

Inside the house, the villa is designed with a cozy, friendly and peaceful setting to create a warm atmosphere for your loved ones in your family. The villa is designed with lots of space for family activities where after working hours, studying stress, the whole family can sit and laugh and talk freely. But there are separate spaces for each member to rest separately from each other. In addition, if you just stop at Vinhomes Riverside villa is not much different from another villa in the city. The beauty here is that the villa's garden landscape will be air-conditioned with romantic rivers running back and forth. Every occasion of rest, the garden corners, the fishing rod let us enjoy the feeling of calm, slowly separate you from the bustling urban area.

It is not too difficult for you to own a modern villa on a land area not too big with modern life and the number of people flocking to big cities today. The designed villas often use large square blocks to create a sense of scale for the exterior of the house when viewed from the outside.

Some common points of the villa model are usually narrow fronts but come to Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Lan villa, Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Phuong in Ha Hoi is located in a planned ecological area with a wide different area with full facilities for fun recreation near the inner city is an ideal place for the giants to take advantage of. That helps the urban face escape the feeling of the crowded houses. And of course very suitable to the needs of urban development.

To help the interior space is cool and avoid the heat, the architects designed the street villa here with a yard in front of the house. The architects have cleverly found a solution that has created a space to plant trees to bring nature to the house. In order to reduce the height of the villa, the facade treatment on the floors has helped the villa reduce the feeling of high and create a space on the roof.

To make the front of the villa airy and modern, the villa uses gentle colors in combination with a smart roof.

The details are designed and decorated in the living room, such as ledges to decorate to create a classic look, or in furnishings such as elegant sofas and carpets with warm colors and tones. The space inside and outside the house with him lights up the room through the frame of large glass.

The bedroom is elegantly coordinated with youthful neutral colors, evil objects should also be simple and elegant.

The altar reflects the sacred atmosphere of the spiritual life, so the details and arrangement are elaborate but not elaborate.

And the modern bathroom has a bathtub for homeowners to have relaxing moments.

Perfect utility

A special highlight at the adjacent house in Vinhomes Riverside is a system of luxurious and modern facilities in the area including: The chain of green lake parks interwoven to 600,000m2, Vincom Center Long Trade Center Margin with:

• Large entertainment area and abundant food court;

• Huge entertainment area;

• Abundant food court;

• High school system, Preschool;

• 8 outdoor playgrounds for children;

• BBQ garden designed specifically for picnic and barbecue parties;

• Two clusters of outdoor swimming pools;

• An international standard golf course with 20 practice lanes;

• Outdoor sport complex with 2 football fields and 6 tennis courts...

Convenient location, unique design and synchronous utilities,... All aimed at creating the leading modern urban green life in the capital.

A prestigious investor

Sai Dong Investment and Urban Development Joint Stock Company. The unit was established in September 2009, with a charter capital of VND 500 billion, operating mainly in the field of real estate business, civil construction and award service. As a member unit of Vingroup - Joint Stock Company, a leading real estate company in Vietnam, Sai Dong Investment and Urban Development Joint Stock Company inherits the available advantages both in potential. strong finance and dynamic staff, highly specialized, experienced in operating and managing large projects, international scale and especially the brand reputation of Vingroup.

Sai Dong Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company is the investor and developer of Vinhomes Riverside Project in Long Bien District, Hanoi. This is a special high-class, multi-functional ecological urban area, including the population of lakeside villas, commercial centers, offices, international schools and other functional areas. Vinhomes Riverside project has not only become a leading eco-urban area in Vietnam, bringing its own identity and imprint ... but also becomes a green lung of the city - a place to live and show class.

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