Villas for rent in Vinhomes Riverside

Vinhomes Riverside is a beautiful and modern urban area located in Long Bien street. It's well-known for its living space with tree and river systems. There are over 1800 villas available in the area. Many foreigners choose Vinhomes Riverside as accommodation. If you would like to rent a nice villa in Vinhomes Riverside, please contact us.

Vinhomes Riverside Villas have a peaceful living space, with the standard services of a modern urban area such as international school, elementary school and high school ... Tennis Gym, GYM, Running ... And this is a perfect choice for the customer to live a space to enjoy and experience the best luxury and best in urban Riverside Vinhomes.

Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien villas are luxuriously designed and are adjacent to the cool and airy water system, with area from 111 - 2000m2. The villa complex located in the urban area is divided into groups of villas named after:
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The Vinhomes Riverside Villa is surrounded by a variety of ecosystems, with deep blue waterways, colorful natural landscapes, and modern public utility buildings that provide residents with an unforgettable experience. perfect living, comfortable and romantic most Hanoi and neighboring areas.