Information of villas for sale in Ecopark

Ecopark Van Giang villas are designed, 3-4 bedrooms with a variety of areas. The villas are designed to welcome natural light, especially the riverside villas to create a cool living space, friendly with nature, giving residents many options. Villas for sale in Ecopark with reasonable prices would make you satisfied.

1. Location of Villas for sale in Ecopark

Located in the southeast of the Hanoi capital, in the upper reaches of the Bac Hung Hai, the Ecopark Van Giang project, as well as villas for sale in Ecopark, has an ideal location for trade.

Besides, the highlight of the urban area is surrounded by the Red River and Duong River, the whole land spreeding along the rich Bac Hung Hai River. This is considered a special feature of the project that is almost only found in developed countries.

Every big city in the world is famous for being associated with a river, and a measure of its development is the ability to satisfy the needs of landscape, daily life, entertainment and satisfy principles of Feng Shui of residents.

With an ideal location, along with a large scale of nearly 500 hectares, the lake area is up to 100 hectares, bringing fresh air and environment. In addition, the great rivers also bring attractive tourism potentials along the river, opening up an open space, full of nature.

Villas for sale in Ecopark

2. Ecopark villas for sale - Project design

  • Vuon Mai Villa Area

Vuon Mai Villa area is designed with modern and luxurious architecture with open space, friendly with nature.

Vuon Mai Villas is built a private club house, exclusively only for residents living here. Facilities and services include: swimming pool, tennis court,  gym, outdoor event area, restaurants. Vuon Mai Villa has natural beauty like high-class resorts.

Detail information

Vuon Mai Villa Area is built on an area of 7.6ha, with 138 villas, an average area of: 160 - 620 m2, designed from 2-3 floors, 3 bedrooms, total floor area: 350-450 m2.

  • Vuon Tung Villa Area

Vuon Tung villas are designed modern and luxurious. The villas are covered with trees, giving residents the feeling of being in harmony with nature.

Detail information

Total villas area: 11 ha, 107 detached villas, 72 semi-detached villas and 25 riverside villas. Area from: 162 - 900 m2, 2-3 floors.

Total floor area: 350-450 m2

Number of bedrooms: 3

  • Detached Villas

Total 107 detached villas, land area from: 300 - 600 m2, built 3 floors with  garage.

Construction area: 135 m2

Total floor area: 342 m2

Construction density: 22 - 45%

Bedroom: 3-4 rooms

Handover including: Completed exterior, landscape, garden, garage, door system, rough-finished inside.

  • Semi-detached Villas

Total: 72, average land area: 160 - 200 m2, number of floors: 2.5 floors, garage, construction area: 65 m2, total floor area: 192 m2

Construction density: 30 - 41%

Bedroom: 3 rooms

Handover including: Completed exterior, landscape, garden, garage, door system, rough-finished inside.

Riverside Villas

Total number: 25 units, average area: 300 - 900 m2, 2.5 - 3 floors, total floor area: 350 - 900 m2

Bedroom design: 3 rooms

  • Shophouse

With a modern European style, the shophouse consists of terraced houses combining living and commercial space. In here, the terraced houses are designed with a type of 110m2 building built 3.5 floors. Truc shophouses are the best choice for families who want to combine business and family activities.

Pho Truc commercial area makes a difference, giving visitors the feeling of relaxation like returning to nature. The design deviation floor plan with intelligent stairs, taking advantage of fresh air and available natural landscape of the Ecopark Van Giang urban area. Creating open space to bring people back to nature.

3. Green living trend, investment potential of Ecopark villas

With the notion of bringing not only a home but also a living environment, the investor of Ecopark Van Giang project is realizing the idea of a green city, sustainable development and leading class in the region.

Surrounded by the Red River and the Duong River, stretching along the banks of the Bac Hung Hai River, creating a harmonious lake with an area of 100 hectares. Originating an emotional source of green life, Ecopark brings a wonderful experience. With an area of about 1.5 ha, Ecopark Van Giang apartment has open design, promising to bring a full life, helping the moments with family and friends become invaluable.

The investor focuses on creating sustainable constructions that bring the best quality of life to residents. Besides, the design of a green city promises to bring residents a great experience. Leaving the bustling urban area, amidst the chaos of life, there is still a small corner to ensure a fresh, airy and fully furnished space.

Facing the "dirty" environment that is increasingly surrounding the lives of many residents, the trend of green living is one of the top concerns related to the quality of life of people.

Mr. Hoang Son Cong, Member of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association, the founding member of the Green Life Club affirmed: "Green" will be a trend of healthy living for people in the future ". With the increasing demand for quality of life, Ecopark eco-urban area project will be a popular attraction for residents and customers, promising to bring the potential for profitability and high liquidity for investors.

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