Villas for rent Vinhomes Smart City

The adjacent villas of Vinhomes Smart City Tay Mo Dai Mo are designed by the Mediterranean style with luxurious and classy beauty.

Overview of Vinhomes Smart City project

Project name: Vinhomes Smart City (old name: VinCity Sportia)

Investor: Vingroup

Construction unit: Coteccons

Operation and management unit: Vinhomes

Location: Located in 2 wards Tay Mo and Dai Mo, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi

Type of development: Apartment, Shophouse, Villa adjacent

Project scale: 280.69 ha

High-rise apartment building: 274,000 m2 - 58 high-rise apartment buildings

Low-rise area: 28,000 m2 - 98 adjacent villas and low-rise shophouse

Area of ​​parks and trees: About 55 ha

Area of ​​the regulation lake: About 7.33 ha

Area of ​​basement for parking: 40ha - 05 floating parking zones.

Apartment area: 30 - 100 m2 (1-3 bedrooms)

Handover time: Quarter II / 2020

Smart connection position with economic potential

Located on a beautiful, well-planned strip of land in the west of Hanoi, the first attraction of the adjacent villa project Vinhomes Smart City comes from a prime location. Located on the arterial road of Thang Long Boulevard, the surface of Tay Mo commune, Nam Tu Liem Hanoi, is the place known as the dragon of Thang Long land. Therefore, the Vingroup gold project  owns not only the most prime location but also an extremely prosperous feng shui element. This is a "big plus" that makes the project receive great attention from investors.

Adjacent villas Vinhomes Smart City has a great advantage in terms of traffic connection. The project is present in the West region where there is a strong breakthrough in the pace of economic development. Plus the overall planning for infrastructure, promising to be the most developed area in the capital.

Besides, with the advantage of "close road", Vinhomes Smart City also attracts buyers thanks to the "close river" factor. The project owns the most beautiful location with 98 peaceful isolated roofs reflected on the river. All are cuddled by immense green spaces. Thanks to this unique location, Vinhomes Smart City clearly has no place no noisy but extremely peaceful.


Diverse product lines to enhance customer experience, Vinhomes Smart City will develop three product lines to meet customers' needs:

Vinhomes Sapphire is a modern apartment line for young people who are motivated by technology and tend to choose smart and flexible solutions in life.

Vinhomes Ruby is a more advanced apartment line, for groups of civilized and modern family customers, towards a high-class life, full of utility services.

Vinhomes Diamond is the most high-class apartment line in the Vinhomes system with high-class apartments with high-class utilities for elite customers.

3 subdivisions The Sapphire 1, The Sapphire 2 and The Sapphire 3 of Vinhomes Smart City are open for sale with Vinhomes Sapphire apartments for middle-class and young customers. Apartments have from 1 to 3 bedrooms with 14 simple and convenient design layouts suitable for modern living style.

Design of adjacent villas Vinhomes Smart City

Vinhomes Smart City adjacent villa is designed in Mediterranean style with an area of ​​each villa ranging from 194m2 - 472m2, with 3 floors and 1 tum with unique and delicate dome details. The villa area promises to give residents here a luxurious, classy and comfortable living space. Villa area is divided into 3 areas: single villas, single lake villas, corner villas with separate design and utilities.

Each villa is a perfect masterpiece, imbued with Mediterranean architectural style, exquisite in every line, luxurious in every detail. The large yard in front of the house can grow flowers, tea, and vegetables. All together create a peaceful, poetic picture in the heart of the bustling Capital. Not only exterior, interior space of adjacent Vinhomes Smart City will also give owners the feeling of being lost in a resort along the Greek - Mediterranean coast.

High-class utilities of adjacent villas Vinhomes Smart City

Adjacent villa to Vinhomes Smart City is a "super project" aiming at a luxurious, self-contained compound. Therefore, the Vingroup blockbuster is considered a private, superior residence that everyone desires. The "Eco" style is an impressive highlight of the project, with 4.2ha devoted to landscape architecture, the construction density is only 30%.

In Vinhomes Smart City, wherever you go, residents can easily see the images of green trees, peaceful walking paths. Surely this will be an unforgettable experience that only Vinhomes Smart City can bring.

Not to mention, the adjacent project Vinhomes Smart City is located adjacent to the Japanese garden of the big urban. Plus the project owns a number of high-class utilities such as:

Outdoor landscape pond with a width of 7000m2.

Wide lake walk, beautiful view.

Modern outdoor swimming pool with a covered roof.

System of tennis courts, badminton, volleyball, basketball courts , stadium, outdoor gym.

Nursing area, grass hill, meditation garden, landscape hut.

BBQ garden, commercial area, supermarket, restaurant.

With the need to find a space of top quality, civilization, tranquility in the city is rising as at present. The adjacent villa Vinhomes Smart City is the most perfect choice for a large number of customers.

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