Thanh Xuan is a southwestern district of Hanoi's inner city, the capital of Vietnam

Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh is located in Nhan Chinh ward (the rest in Cau Giay district) is developing as a new center of the city.
Mandarin Garden urban area: partly located in Nhan Chinh ward, adjacent to Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh urban area.
Ha Dinh urban area: located in the west of Nguyen Xien street, in Ha Dinh ward area.
Khuong Dinh urban area: located in Dam Hong residential area, in Khuong Dinh ward.
Royal City High-class Urban Area: located at 74 Nguyen Trai Street, formerly known as Hanoi Mechanical Factory.
Pandora Trieu Khuc Urban Area: located at 53 Trieu Khuc Street, formerly known as Hoa Binh Automobile Factory.

Vinhomes Smart City Urban Area: located at 235 Nguyen Trai Street, in front of Hanoi University of Science, has been constructed.

Thuong Dinh apartment area: is a residential building built by the method of concrete assembly of large slabs, including many five-storey high-rise buildings, built in the 1960s
 of the 20th century, up to now seriously degraded. The building currently has an upgrade project of up to 25 floors. In the future this will be a modern center of the district.
Thanh Xuan Bac dormitory: located in the southwest of Thanh Xuan district, adjacent to Trung Van ward, Nam Tu Liem district, built in the 80s of the 20th century.
Phuong Liet dormitory: located in the northeast of Thanh Xuan district, next to Vong intersection, in Phuong Liet ward area.
Kim Giang dormitory: located on Hoang Dao Thanh street, from Kim Giang street to Nguyen Xien street, in Kim Giang ward.
Departmental Crossroads: famous for Hanoi traffic jam, renovated and expanded.
Nguyen Trai Street: focus on a number of universities (such as the University of Natural Sciences, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi University (formerly 
Hanoi University of Foreign Languages) ...) is a The road is wide, the amount of dust is large, there are many trees but the population density and the cluster of rubber, soap, 
tobacco, and automobile factories should have a large traffic volume.

Urban railway projects passing through the district are routes No. 1 (Ngoc Hoi - Yen Vien), line 2 (Noi Bai - Thuong Dinh), line 2A (Cat Linh - Ha Dong), line 4 (Lien Ha - North Thang Long), line 8 (An Khanh - Duong Xa) of which line 2A is currently being urgently completed to run the test in early October 2017 and officially operate in the first quarter - 2018; Line 1 is currently under construction. In Thanh Xuan district, the price of a villa is quite cheap, just the price of another district's house. However, there are also many cases where the rent is quite high because of its beautiful location, or in a famous urban area.