SUNSHINE WONDER VILLAS - "Rendezvous of luxurious dreams"

With the archivements of the chain of Sunshine City, Sunshine Marina NhaTrang Bay projects ... Sunshine Corporation has once again confirmed its position in the line of real estate products called Sunshine Wonder Villas.

Located next to the golf course of Ciputra Hanoi and on the 40 meter road which connected Nhat Tan bridge and Thang Long bridge, Sunshine Wonder Villas is seen as one of the most beautiful projects in the West of West Lake. It becomes more and more developing because of the combination of Lotte Group (office, apartment, shopping mall, cinema...) on Vo Chi Cong street is constructed, Starlake of Daewoo Corp and Ngoai Giao Doan are there, plus a biggest park in Asia with the total area of 135 hectares - SunWorld Park. 


Sunshine Wonder Villas project is built by Sunshine Group with the total area of 11 hectares and expected to hand over in the Quarter III of 2019. 

Including 3 types:

- Shophouses.

- Single Villas (golf course view).

- Double Villas (internal view).

- International united level school.

The project is designed with the neo classical style and inspired of European Architect and the beauty of Baroque Palace, Mediterranean. Besides, specific services will be provided for only residents such as:

- Specialized housekeeper (Well trained by Sunshine Group).

- Specialized shutttle car (each per villa).

- Indoor services for 24/7.

- SVIP area (Restaurant, bar, cigar lounge, wine bar...) for 24/7.

- SVIP account for public amenities of the project.

interior design

Over all, Sunshine Wonder Villas is a very good oppunity investment. Leasing property is the best way get much profit, especially shophouse because it's now the only type of house that allowed to make business in Ciputra.

For further information about villas for rent in Sunshine Wonder Villas, please contact: 

Phone number: 0986 720 720