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Villas for rent in Mipec Rubik 360 are one-of-a-kind products in the Cau Giay district, situated across Mipec Xuan Thuy with limited quantities - only 11 lots and only for customers who order quickly. Finding a rental villa has become more difficult recently due to low supply and high demand, sending rent prices up. 

Overview of Villas for rent in Mipec Rubik 360

All these areas in the capital have seen large development in recent years and have excellent amenities and transport into the CBD. Among them is the Cau Giay district, there are also more affordable than many of the suburbs closer to the city center. Mipec Rubik 360 villas are situated between the commercial center building and 2 buildings, opposite the school area at Mipec Xuan Thuy project.

There are 2 types of villas in Mipec Rubik 360 such as V1 and V2. 

V1 villa - Villas for rent in Mipec Rubik 360

Developer offers 500 sqm for a V1 villa for rent in Mipec Rubik 360 with 4 floors and 1 terrace. This is the only villa with an additional swimming pool, sauna, and private garage, green landscape, private walkways. 

Mipec Rubik

All materials chosen are designed to enhance the effect of golden light (at sunrise and sunset) that would make the building glow suddenly at these crucial times when people reflect on the beauty of villas. A private oasis garden of villa allows for serenity and a place to escape the rush of the city.

V2 villa - Villas for rent in Mipec Rubik 360

V2 villa has a total of 4 units with an area of more than 200 sqm, 4-storey design, close to the apartment complex. A fully renovated three-bedroom apartment at Mipec Rubik 360, a short walk to universities, and commercial centers are on the market for 1000$ to 5000$. 

Data shows that inner-city renters still want that connection to nature, we all know there's a big demand for green spaces and there is a good demand for decently priced property - Villas for rent in Mipec Rubik 360 are definitely going to stand out.

The prime location of the villa in Mipec Rubik 360

Mipec Xuan Thuy is considered a project with a unique location. Finally, a rare project of the inner city center. Located next to important transaction points of the route. Such as Ring Road 3 Pham Van Dong Thang Long Noi Bai, metro line Hanoi Nhon, Ho Tung Mau, Hoang Quoc Viet, Nguyen Phong Sac ...

Mipec Rubik

Amazing amenities in Mipec Rubik 360

Living at villas for rent in Mipec Rubik 360, all residents will experience life to the fullest with diverse facilities. Dwellers can hit the gym, go swimming, and enjoy the delicious food at the cafe, and restaurants.

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