Located in the east of Hanoi city, Long Bien is the largest district of the capital. Not only is it an "economic gateway" to the East region, many people believe that Long Bien will become a new center of the capital's real estate when possessing a huge available potential.

Long Bien District - A land of many advantages

In fact, positive predictions about the potential of real estate in Long Bien in the near future are not without foundation. In the past 5 years, many Hanoians have been surprised by the speed of development and the bright urban-society picture of this area. Currently, Long Bien is one of the districts with the best transport and social infrastructure in the capital, with large bridges crossing the Red River, Duong River and a series of upgraded and expanded arterial roads.

The synchronous infrastructure planning and traffic connection and many high-class facilities in Long Bien have created a big shift in the settlement needs of the people of the capital. In addition, the rental potential of the area's real estate is also evaluated very positively when the city advocates planning Long Bien to become the administrative center of international trade, the new urban center of Hanoi. Interior, attracting a large number of people and experts in the neighboring areas to work and live. Demand increases while supply is quite limited, therefore, apartment projects and villa for rent in Long Bien are always sought after by investors because of their huge potential for price increase.