Why real estate in the West Lake area has attractive investment?

Real estate in Tay Ho area is always attracting and welcoming of customers and it is expected to be the most attractive investment capital of the capital in 2017

Why real estate in the West Lake area has attractive investment?

Being a central district of the city, infrastructure system is invested synchronously, modern plus a lot of rich functions, making real estate in Tay Ho always attractive, customer's welcome and anticipation. This will be the capital's most lucrative investment destination in 2017.

"Breakthrough" facilities help change the appearance of Tay Ho district

In recent years, Tay Ho has changed dramatically, since the Nhat Tan Bridge, Vo Chi Cong Road was completed and put into operation, facilitated the connection to the urban center, Noi Bai International Airport and Northern provinces. In addition, the requirement to upgrade and expand some roads such as Xuan Dieu, Dang Thai Mai, 17.5 m road in Phu Thuong Town will also contribute to the improvement of muscle Department of transportation in the area of West Lake in the future.

Currently in the district area, besides the Ciputra urban area has been put into operation and is continuing to be expanded, there are West Lake West area, Xuan La city and extensive infrastructure projects. With a system of utilities such as international schools, hospitals, trade centers, supermarkets, swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, Tay Ho and this place really evolved into a living space that popularized the desire.
According to the strong policy of Hanoi until 2030, the vision of 2050 northwest of the capital will become the "nuclear city" of Hanoi. Under this construction, Tay Ho district will own wide range of easy conditions to attract investment resources, human resources and technology to promote the economic strength - towns in the area. Under Construction Execution Value of real estate will also increase constantly in the coming time.


Demand for housing is rising fast, coupled with the rapid growth of the regional economy

It is no coincidence that most foreigners working in Hanoi choose the Tay Ho district to live in. Aside from convenient points connecting to the central area and the surrounding area, Tay Ho is also favored with a large area of water and lake water, in particular, the West Lake is considered "green lung of the city. The "air" is very effective for human health, not only the Red River, flower villages, traditional villages and residential areas for a long time creating a very cultural features, symbol of Hanoi people.
With the infrastructure system constantly improving, plus the advantages of living space is certainly more and more popular with people wanting to buy apartments and living in Tay Ho district. In recent years, the rate of population growth in the district is very high. In the slow deployment, popular high-income families, foreign experts also sought to find or rent apartments here. predicted a couple of years to the demand for housing in the area will greatly enhance the ownership of the process of rapid urbanization is happening fast.
So where is the good solution to this problem?

Modern life stresses more and more people are looking for peaceful places, green trees and fresh air to enjoy the ecologically energetic life and close to the green nature. This also explains why the real estate projects near rivers, lakes, parks are always interested customers, buy at all costs.
Recently, the real estate market in Tay Ho district has become hot with many projects being built. Outstanding among them is the Udic Westlake condo project. At the Udic Westlake condo project, you will experience the perfect utilities, perfect service, class and many real estate experts say Udic Westlake will be the potential for investment opportunities to attract and lease. For those who are interested in real estate in the coming years.
Udic Westlake Hotel is located on 3 hectares of land, within the urban area of Ciputra South Thang Long, located on Vo Chi Cong Street (directly to Noi Bai Airport), Ho Tay District. With convenient transportation and direct view of West Lake, Udic Westlake promises to be a strong factor, providing a large number of luxury apartments for the real estate market in the coming years.