Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony: Green living in the heart of Hanoi.

Not only helps to air circulation, fresh air environment, lake also harmonic values feng shui. Therefore, as soon as Vingroup introduces the Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony eco-urban area with 12.4 hectares of lakes, the project attracted the attention of a large number of customers and investors.

Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony: Green living in the heart of Hanoi.

Every year, the population of the capital increases rapidly, recent statistics show that the average population density of Hanoi today has exceeded 100 times the standard of living of the United Nations. Population density is too high, causing a lot of negative consequences for people's quality of life. In particular, the lack of green space always makes everyone feel stuffy, uncomfortable. They always wanted to find a living space in the heart of the capital, still peaceful, isolated, away from the dusty, noisy of the city.

Mr Hung, director of a construction company confided: "My family lived in the old town for many years, feeling anything but green trees, space for children to play every day, lack of air in Fortunately, three years ago, through the introduction of a colleague, I learned about the Vinhomes Riverside eco-urban area in Long Bien District. Immediately after witnessing the peaceful life here, this time I decided to move my whole family to the new Harmony subdivision in order to have a spacious and safe space for the kids to play in the day, in When my wife and I go to work not too far, but the road is clear, especially the quietness that makes me feel very relaxed every day. "

Villas for rent in Vinhomes Harmony

Located just off Vinh Tuy bridge, 6.5 km from Hoan Kiem Lake, Vinhomes Riverside (Long Bien, Hanoi) - Vingroup's northern residential area is the ideal solution for environmental and landscaping problems. Benefit in the activities of people.

Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony is the latest development of Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony. It fully inherits the values of modern life from the large and comfortable ecological environment of Vinhomes Riverside stage 1 and develops. add new expensive landscape gadgets.

One of the highlight of Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony is the 12.4ha air conditioning lake. In the Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony subdivision, the investor continues to expand the canal system from 12.8km in the first phase to 6km in the second phase, bringing the total length of the canal in the whole urban area to 18. 8km. 60ha of green trees from phase 1 will continue to be covered by an additional 10.5ha in phase 2, ensuring that each resident will receive 60-70m2 of green space.

This is a dream figure for residents of many developed countries in the world. Not only has the green living environment desirable, Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony is also impressed by its unique architecture in harmony with nature with four classic architectural styles: Greece, Venice, France and Indochina. .

Besides the duplex villas, quaternary villas, garden houses, adjoining houses, the corner villas, single villas overlooking the modest river with green canals right next to the main house. is the product that affirms the status of fashionable owners.

The reason for these riverside villas is so concerned that by the feng shui concept of the East, the fluidity of water also symbolizes the favorable circulation, the living energy that helps to transfer energy. and capacities, fortune. Lack of natural elements such as lakes and trees, the house can not become a complete residence, although the price may be very high. Especially from the canal mansions, only a 2 minute walk to the large central lake.

Moreover, residents enjoy more than 100 privileged amenities with nearly 40 highlighting facilities such as lake side square, lake promenade, flower gardens, golf course, skate rink, Vinschool, floating restaurants ... all designed to create the modern green capital city leading.