Sunshine City project attracts foreign visitors in Tay Ho district

Sunshine City (Ciputra urban area) always takes the top position in the real estate market in West Lake area.

Sunshine City project attracts foreign visitors in Tay Ho district

Westlake - favorite residence of foreigners

Many foreigners, including foreigners, have "crushed" the West Lake area for the first time. The fresh water with nearly 1,000 hectares of water and green trees in the heart of the capital, together with low population density, is the reason for West Lake's special attraction to foreigners.

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The attraction has increased in recent years as the West Lake area is planned to develop and preserve the landscape, ecological and cultural values, and limit the construction of the works, especially Real estate projects around the lake. Apartment projects in the West Lake area have always attracted the attention of investors.

As a result, condominiums in this area are often priced high and are classified as rare in Hanoi. Average price per m2 of luxury apartments in this area is 60-80 million m2, each apartment cost up to tens of billion. The rent of this area is also high, ranging from $ 2,000-5,000 per month.

Therefore, the licensed projects developed in the West Lake area, especially west of West Lake are buyers hunted aggressively. Sunshine City (of Ciputra urban area) is invested and developed by Sunshine Group, one of the largest scale projects in the region.

It is expected that the project will be launched in late 2017. However, with just a few revealed information has made Sunshine City become a hot project in the real estate market today.

Senior project for foreigners

Located in Ciputra urban area, Sunshine City has feng shui location and favorable location when surrounded by Red River, West Lake and Nhat Tan Bridge. The important point is that Sunshine City is supported by convenient transport infrastructure in the city but it "hides" in a private, private place, suitable for the lifestyle of the elite and foreigners.

From the project, residents only take 3 minutes to connect to the diplomatic mission, 12 minutes to Noi Bai International Airport and 15 minutes to the center of Hanoi.
In addition to its unique location, Sunshine City has been rated as a perfect property for design, utility, inheritance and development of the elite circuit of the land of thousands of years. The most demanding of foreign buyers is from Japan, Korea or other Western European countries.

The project consists of 6 high class apartment buildings, nearly 100 villas adjacent to the commercial townhouses combined with nearly 40 high-end luxury five star standard such as panoramic swimming pool, gym and yoga, Non-standard international (area of nearly 1.000 m2) and community activities ... Right at the bottom of the apartment buildings are shopping centers, fine cuisine, bar, coffee ...

In particular, the Sunshine City utility system includes high-end items catering to the needs of the upper class such as a helipad, high-rise walkway between tall towers, sky bar or swimming pool. infinity on the top floor, breaking all the limits of vision, opening up the panoramic landscape and an impressive relaxation space.

One of the highlights is the wide, panoramic landscape of beautiful walks and lakes - the ideal place for outdoor activities. All create a system of high-end facilities, meet the needs of enjoying the life of every resident of Sunshine City.

The luxury of Sunshine City is reflected in each apartment with imported furniture. Especially, luxurious bathroom, using interior Kohler brand with gold plated details promise to satisfy every owner.

Although the Sunshine City apartments are invested with high-class facilities and luxury furniture, the expected price is very attractive, from 2.5 billion per unit. Opportunity to own an ideal residence with a rare incentive is open.