Trang An complex is located in prime position with convenient living space and modern interiors that is highlights of Trang An Complex project. Feature location.
Located on No.1 Phung Chi Kien ( Cau Giay, Hanoi)  Trang An Complex project has convenient transportation, just 100 km from Hoang Quoc Viet Road, 1 km from West Lake. Connecting between Hoang Quoc Viet road and Vo Chi Cong road has also been put into use which directly connects to Nhat Tan Bridge so that it takes 20 minutes from Trang An Complex to Noi Bai Airport.
Overview of Trang An Complex

Living environment.

Trang An Complex is inherited disposable facilities of the residential area. The customers just carry their suitcase to be residence without having to wonder about utilities around as soon as the customer bought an apartment.
Currently, Ba Dinh area and Cau Giay district area has developed comprehensively that can provide sufficient range of utilities from popular to high-end for residents. There are many agencies, schools, and offices which contribute to adding value of Trang An complex apartment.

Prestigious investor.

A credible investor is a special attention to customers to decide to buy a residence. GP. Invest is an experienced investor in construction and real estate market with two large projects which have been put in operation such as Nam Do Complex and GP. Invest 170 La Thanh.
Moreover, the investor has cooperated with leading partners in the construction sector which contributes to the value of the projects. The company has decided to choose Coteccons- the leading construction company in Vietnam.
\Overview of Trang An Complex

The procedure of project.

Truong An A Building (CT2A) and Truong An Tower (CT2B) Truong An Complex (CT2B) have been built to the 27th floor that is expected to be roof a house in early March. The previous years, Truong An (CT1) building and Truong Thinh had been built a roof beyond all expectations for more than a month.
With rapidly construction speed of 7-10 days completed a floor, Trang An Complex project is executing over schedule. It is anticipated that Investor will hand over the house to customers that are sooner than intend from  1 to 3 month in the end of this year.
GP. Invest will open house the most beautiful floors on March, 12th with many values gifts for customers.

 Luxury Design and Interior

Trang An Complex apartments were designed by Morrison Architects Inc with a unique style that makes impressive with a green system. Truong Xuan park has an area of 4000 sqm with light pavilions, small lakes, green trees, lawns, designed by Lee & Associates (USA).
Besides, the interior is luxury and comfort, electrical systems are also consulted to design and construct from reputable contractors in the country and abroad such as Ree, Hawee. The project uses a smart BMS building management system that optimizes security, power, camera and energy savings.
Amenities of Trang An Complex
Complex model.
Trang An Complex is one of a few projects that offers customers added value than providing a flat. In a complex model, the customer can easily access to a park of nearly 4,000 sqm with sufficient amenities such as supermarket, restaurant, gym, swimming pool.