Advantage of apartments in Sunshine Riverside, Hanoi for rent

Located on favourable position, Sunshine Riverside Hanoi is adjacent to many administrative offices, development transport infrastructure connected to Vo Chi Cong street that contributes significantly for the evolution of real estate.

Good point as apartment rental in West of Sunshine Riverside Hanoi


According to Dr. Nguyen Tri Hieu – Banking  and Finance specialist said that the West is one of the exciting emerging market and having many opportunities for rental apartments. Besides, the biggest risk in properties is the cyclicality of the market. It is important to consider the time when cycle can be up or down in the short term of 3 - 5 years, but the real easte is always increasing in the long term of  20-30 years


Phối cảnh chung cư Sunshine Riverside


Based on financial, non- financial and real – easte indicators is indicated that rental properties investment is the most attractive. However, it is noticable for investors that this segment has its own charateristics


Firstly, real estate for rent is intended for investors who have a business sense and comprehend business.

Secondly, it is necessary to look at future value, using the discounted cash flow whether the investment is effective when buying real estate for business.

Thirdly is location

Fourthly is to use financial leverage that make use of your money to buy but must turn around quickly.

Fifthly, the calculate of profitability rate , if you put money into the bank about 7% interest, real estate business put more effort, the interest rate must be higher at 12 % or more.

West of Hanoi is favored by many foreign experts in Vietnam

In terms of area, the West is vibrant market place with many opportunities to invest apartments for rent in Sunshine Rivershide of Sunshine Group

Sunshine Riverside apartments are designed optimal for sun and wind. High materials such as Eurowindow, soundproof and heat insulation, which helps to reduce radiation and ultraviolet radiation

Project distribution unit: Tan Long Land Real Easte Company

Sunshine Group is a large corporation specializing in real easte, commercial services. The highlight of the corporation in Hanoi is big projects such as Sunshine Riverside, Sunshine Centrer, Sunshine Palace, Sunshine Boulevard, Sunshine Garden, Sunshine City.

Sunshine Group is launching many attractive incentive program for Sunhine Riverside. According to the investors, buyer will pay according to the nomal progress, be loaned up to 80 % of apartment value. The interest rate is 0% until the handover of the house.