Welcome to Tan Long Real Estate Hanoi, Vietnam !

Tan Long rental services to tenants:

  • Finding the properties as your requirements!
  • our agents will arrange the visit and show properties , surroundings, local services to customers
  • detail you bout the properties, landlords ,
  • Free property car tour and pick up for the visits !
  • Help you in making short list, negotiation, contract drafting, legal documents
  • Free air-port pick up and arranging accommodation during your house search.
  • Our technicians show up whenever you have problems at the rental house (our difference ).
  • We are only company which has the technician Team on duty 24/24 hour (our difference ).
  • We have many apartment buildings and serviced apartments, So our experienced technicians also assist in our tenant houses!

Other services may be helpful to our tenants:

  • Pest control and gardening
  • Maid finding and maids supply
  • Moving services ( our trusted partner, good price and attentive)
  • Rent motorbike and cars for long and short lease.
  • Satellite tivi installation
  • Swimming pool attendance, drivers
  • Properties maintenance and renovation
  • Property management during your lease  ( you pay small monthly charge and We manage your rental house lease-long. All problems at your house, Contact us and We finish . No need landlord to attend)

If you have any requirements or questions, Just contact our manager:

Mr. Liem: 0979776776

Email: liem@bdstanlong.com