Shophouse for Sale in IA20

Located in a well-known urban area Ciputra - South of Hanoi, IA20 presented itself as a government housing project which were constructed for many high-ranking officials. Because of this, It guarantees quality as well as long-term investing 

Project Overview

  • Project's name: IA20 Ciputra Apartment
  • Investor: Dong Do Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company - Ministry of Defense
  • Location: Kip Ciputra - Nam Tu Liem District - Hanoi City
  • Total construction area: 30,091m2
  • Construction density: 47%
  • Handover progress: Finished
  • Legal records: full, lasting legal
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Project scale

  • IA20 Ciputra Project includes: 3 high-rise apartment buildings and 42 commercial areas, and different 46 adjacent apartments
  • Construction size: 14,201 m2
  • Garden area size: 7,138m2
  • Playground area: 2,481m2
  • Floor area: 241,965m2
  • Outdoor parking: 1,250m2
  • Internal road: 3,825m2

Standard Layout and design of the commercial center

The commercial center of the project is located at the foot of the apartment building. From the 1st floor - 3rd floor is the commercial center, from the 4th floor to the 29th floor are apartments.
Quantity: 42 kiot booths
Legal records: permanent pink book
The area varies from 52-302m2
First floor area from: 52m2, 88m2, 90m2, 130m2 to 277m2.
 Level 2.3 with area from: 41m2, 51m2, 55.5m2, 78m2, 80m2.98m2, 145m2, 262m2 to 302m2.
mặt sàn tầng 1
mặt sàn tầng 2
mặt sàn tầng 3
Unit price: 35 million VND / m2 - 50 million VND / m2 including VAT
Handover: There are 4 separate machines for 03-storey commercial area, 3-storey escalator, soundproof glass doors, empty absorbent outside the building, corridors, walkways, toilets, stairs, lighting system bright, fire protection standards.

Why should you choose commercial investment at IA20 Ciputra?

In the IA20 subdivision, there are not too many utilities to meet the needs of residents, so the investment choice here is considered to be very beneficial and this is the only project allowed to trade commercially in the Ciputra population.
Suitable for many business models such as clinics, preschools, banks,
Open playground and entertainment area for many different ages.
  • Gym: yoga, gym
  • Health care, beauty, spa, game, nail, cosmetic center.
  • Jewelry showroom, jewelry
  • Chain of supermarkets, shopping centers, supermarkets, modern shopping malls, high fashion, interior design, bedding, car salon
  • Space cuisine many countries around the world, high-end restaurants, cafes, office rice, KFC shops, BBQ...
  • supermarket system, imported fruits, clean food

Project Investor

Dong Do Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company - Ministry of Defense was formerly known as Construction Material and Fuel Enterprise of National Defense.
With diverse industry functions such as Construction of civil works, real estate, ... with a team of good workers, lots of working experience, modern invested equipment, and public lines The most advanced technology today. Considering this is a guideline for the company's operation and business lines, which is a key point to the business goals, strictly abide by the law, so always ensure the quality and reputation with customers.

Project location:

Having a prime location at KTD Nam Thang Long, located on the northwest corner block on the top of the area. Imperturbable reservation overlooking the Red River and Thang Long Bridge, synchronous infrastructure, and high-level terrain. From the project, residents can easily move to Vo Chi Cong Street connecting Nhat Tan Bridge, Lac Long Quan Street, Ring Road 2,...
West Lake, West Lake water park: 3km
Hospital E: 5km
Nursery school - elementary school - secondary school: 2km
Located near the Metro elevated railway, so investors can fully see the lucrative investment from this project.
Lying in the heart of the Ciputra urban area, residents will be able to inherit many utilities there such as jogging track, sports ground, golf course, children's playground, fitness ground for the elderly, meeting room, VIP room, swimming pool 4 season swimming to meet the standards of clean water, Ciputra club and other services.
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Contact Information

Currently Tan Long Land is providing consulting services for the Shophouse stand IA20 in beautiful locations with reasonable prices. A team of professional, enthusiastic consultants is committed to becoming a solid and professional connection between customers and homeowners and investors. If you need to find the latest and most detailed information about buying Shophouse IA20, please contact directly with Tan Long Real Estate Floor for the best advice and support.
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