Shophouse for rent In IA20

IA20 Ciputra is located in one of the most advanced international urban areas, the project is on a housing policy granted to ministerial-level cadres according to Hanoi City. Constructed in the IA20 land area of Nam Thang Long urban area with the price of only VND 18.5 million / m2.
Dong Do Company - BQP is the investor of the IA20 Ciputra apartment project. They are one of the leading prestigious units under the Ministry of Defense with a reputation of enthusiasm, true to the quality. The project has a system of 3 basements along with 3 floors for the trade centers, which will be completely managed by a reputable foreign units.

1. Overview of the IA20 Ciputra project

  • Project's name: IA20 Ciputra Apartment
  • IA20 project location: located in Ciputra - Nam Thang Long urban area, Hanoi
  • Project Investor: Dong Do Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company
  • Planning area: 30,091m2
  • Construction area: 14,201 m2

2. IA20 Project Location

With a rather convenient location, IA20 is acknowledged to be the largest international urban area in the North. From the project location, clients can easily travel to the center of the city and Noi Bai International Airport which takes about 15 minutes. Moreover, with an accessible transportation system, project residents can easily access arterial roads such as Vo Chi Cong Street, Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Ring Road 3, ...
Besides the position, the "feng shui" factor is one of the appeals for investors in this area. The West Lake which is considered the top of the dragon is only 2km from the project, so the IA20 residents will definitely inherit the feng shui element and prosperous fortune.
Vị trí dự án IA20

3.Real estates of IA20 project

  • IA20 project controls 3 apartment buildings and 46 adjacent apartments with modern design.
  • Apartment IA20
  • Apartment IA20 is designed in a modern model to ensure airy elements, stimulating the apartment to catch natural sunlight and breeze, guaranteeing health and fortune for homeowners.
  • Inspired by the Western architectural style combined with a sophisticated layout, and modern furniture, IA20 brings an ideal living space with 3 apartment buildings with a height of 29-40 floors.
  • Various apartments are intended to have from 2 to 4 bedrooms to meet the needs of uses as well as the economic potential of homeowners.
  • Terrace houses, Shophouse IA20
  • Shophouse IA20 is a modern design with a 2-in-1 purpose to both stay and run a business, helping achieve any homeowner's delight and their passion for business.

4. IA20 Shophouses Design

IA20 project holds 46 adjacent classy properties. The area of ​​adjacent lots includes 85m2, 95m2, 114m2, 120m2, 125m2 with 5 rough masonries facing the IA20 apartment.
The system of 46 adjacent IA20 lots is considered to have outstanding profit potential, both can be used to live or rent out. Located in a high-class urban area with more than 5,000 residents, it guarantees to be an engaging investment source for investors.
Besides the prime location, the layout of the adjacent shophouse also makes a powerful impression with the modern theme, combining the wide and open façade adjacent to the flower garden thus creates a sense of convenience for business and security.

5.Excellent service at IA20

Residents of IA20 will also be able to receive the complete high-end facilities of Ciputra urban area with a secured system including large golf course, modern multi-season swimming pool of international standards, children's playgrounds, walking paths, and much more,...
In addition to internal utilities, residents here can also be assured with a population of civilized urban areas to meet all the needs from culture, sports, education, entertainment, the most outstanding being:
Top-quality international schools from primary to high school such as Hanoi Unis School, Hanoi Academy School, Singapore International School, ...

6.Investor of IA20 project

Dong Do Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company is one of the units that are highly praised in the real estate investing market.
With the motto of dedication to the industry, ensuring the reputation for quality safety and advancement, Dong Do Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company has shown its potential through many real estate projects. Featured products
Especially with the starting point as a company specializing in construction, with enthusiastic staff and outstanding vision from leaders, Dong Do Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company has established trust with partner companies and many customers.
Leading the future to expand the vast market, Dong Do Company is gradually developing and perfecting, bringing the best quality real estate products to customers and investors.

7. Why choose an adjacent house shophouse IA20

Prime location: Located in the most large-scale urban area in the North, possessing convenient transportation, convenient regional links, ensuring easy transportation for residents in the urban area.
High-class facilities: The project inherits the entire infrastructure of the area as well as high-class utilities of the urban area, ensuring to meet the needs of the high-class and living standard of residents.
Outstanding rental potential: With a concentrated headquarters of ministries and agencies, planned to become the new administrative center of the capital, IA20 Project possesses outstanding rental potential. Especially, West Lake has always been a crowded area for foreigners to live and work, thus owning an adjacent house or shophouse in this area means that you'll own valuable assets, high-profit rental opportunities.

8. Contact information

Currently Tan Long Land is providing advisory services, rental adjacent houses shophouse IA20 in beautiful locations with reasonable prices. A team of professional, enthusiastic consultants is committed to becoming a solid and professional connection between customers and homeowners and investors. If you need to find the latest and most detailed information about renting houses adjacent to the IA20 shophouse, please contact directly with Tan Long Real Estate Floor for the best advice and support.
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