Advice for tenants
Thinking about your renting

Renting a property in Hanoi, Vietnam

When you come to Vietnam, The first work is to find a residence .

Many things you have to consider about your renting:

  1. Location: It is important to locate where to live. If  we choose the good location, it will be much easier to live an foreign country. Some of the important things should be consider:
  • Is the location convenient to your work place , traffic to your work place ?
  • How about coming from your house to your children schools ?
  • What is the  area services and utilities as shops, restaurants ?
  • How about the   area population density, population education ?
  • What is the environment and the local security ?
  • What is the good property in the area for your family or yourself ?

When you find the replies to these questions, You start the further step by finding the agent to help you find the properties and make the visits.


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