2003 - 2019, 16 years is a long time in our lives and also a long way of a business, with many ups and downs, the efforts and sacrifices of all the public employees Company for Tan Long to achieve the results as today

Starting from a young enterprise, gradually step by step on the business path, limiting the size of the business and the scale of personnel, We have gradually affirmed our values. Selecting, and persisting in the Real Estate industry so far can be said that we have also affirmed our brand and become one of the leading Real Estate distribution and development units. investors and customers trust.

In recent years, marking the rapid and solid development of Tan Long, we now have more than 500 personnel, and develop Tan Long system nationwide, across the three northern Central South regions, up to nearly 20 branches and representative offices.

And to get those achievements, the Board of Directors would like to sincerely thank the efforts, sacrifices, labor and responsibility of all members in the Tan Long Family.

The Board of Directors also believes that, with the values ​​of Tan Long pursuing, and the consensus of all leaders, employees of the Company, 2019 and the following years will also mark the higher rungs, further. And together we are booming, each member has better welfare regimes, higher income, every working day, attached to Tan Long is a day full of meaning and happiness.

And especially each of us contributes a small part to bring Tan Long to continue to develop new heights and 18th and 20th birthday ... there will be more new members and new goals conquered.