When you come to Hanoi for long work, you need to find the residence in Hanoi firstly. With our 13 years in the renting business for expats in Hanoi, We give some useful advices for your renting Process:

Some notes  about owners in Hanoi:

-   Many owners can not speak English or other languages

-  Owners are individual So, the services t your problems at the properties may e late as they have no workers at hand.

-  Contracts should be clear about all conditions for easy lease management and conflict avoidance .

-  Long advance payments are preferred and good conditions for pricing negotiations as Owners do not want to come to tax offices often.

-  It is much better If you have a good real estate company to mange your rental lease-long for your easy and comfortable living .

01. Finding and Choosing the Real Estate Agents:

There are many real estate agents in Hanoi. some are organized and well - established Companies, many are real estate offices and many individual real estate agents.

The  well - established companies have large work areas, mainly in all districts of Hanoi, they cover the residential, commercial and industrial leasing . Normally they have many staff and own the big properties data and quick in services and take the lease-long care to their customers.

The real estate offices operate in the area where they located. The working area is smaller, they do in rental or sales separately as the limitation of staff and supported services.

Many individual real estate agents, they work alone so when they have customers they need to join with other offices to get the data and finish the rent. The limitation normally bring about the problems for customer lease-long as the lack of communication between owners and tenants and the delay in services in case of emergency...

2. House visit and short -list :

After you choose the real estate agent, you can make the house visit with him. The 1st visit just helps you to understand the market, getting information of the properties . You should ask the agent information about teh properties, landlords, neighbors, the surroundings, locality and local services, take note of the interested properties.

The 2nd visit will help you to make the short-list. You consult the agent for his advice then you will decide which properties You will negotiate.

3. Contract negotiation and lease-long support

You ask the agent your conditions for negotiation with owners first, Then You should meet the landlord for all negotiation: prices, payment terms, moving date, time for renovation, benefits for your long advance payments, importantly maintenance, repair, property care, garden care, swimming pool attendance, conditions for contract termination, contact person, tax matters, legal renting documents, responsibilities of agents

4. Lease - Long care

Other then the responsibilities of the owners, the agent is very important for you lease -long, you should keep contact number of the agent, is company contact, manager contact  In case , any agent does not do the good job, reporting to his manager or company will improve the situation and help the company to improve the services ).

agents will help mange the paper works, being witness to settle the problems between you and the landlords, technician from agent company can help you to fix problems at your house, show up right when you need them in emergency cases as electricity, water over flown, water pipe break up...

keeping good contact with the agent also help you to have a better properly opportunity when your contract expires.

At Tan Long Real estate, We work with you not as showing the properties for you. We are with you lease-long.

We are one of very few company which have the technician team ( 4 technicians) to support our tenants and customers lease-long.

We also help customers to find maids, drivers, swimming pool attendance, pest control, satellite Tivi installation, moving recommendation ( our good moving partner).

If you have any questions relating to rentals in Hanoi, just contact our manager. Mr. Liem for his consultancy

Cell: 0979776776

Email: liem@bdstanlong.com