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Houses villas for rent in Vinhomes Thang Long - This project consists of 798 villas, garden houses, townhouses & commercial townhouses planned and built separately and closed.


- 11 single villas, land area of ​​380-416m2 

- 600 semi-detached garden houses, land area of ​​120-250m2 

- 115 adjacent houses, land area of ​​92m2, floor area of ​​221m2 

- 72 commercial townhouses, land area of ​​90m2, construction floor area of ​​243.43m2 Modern architecture

Vinhomes Thang Long

Utilities in Vinhomes Thang Long - Houses villas for rent in Vinhomes Thang Long

Vinhomes Thang Long has been inspired by the land of Hanoi for thousands of years with a dragon-like position expressing the desire to expand and innovate the city, bringing Hanoi to new heights. Located in the artery of Hanoi, the project is located at the head of a dragon, which holds power and dominance.

  • 01. Entrance
  • 02. Clubhouse
  • 03. Standard 5-star swimming pool
  • 04. Community living area
  • 05. Library
  • 06. Commercial and service area
  • 07. VinMart +
  • 08. Kindergarten
  • 09. Shophouse
  • 10. Sports area
  • 11. Outdoor sports area
  • 12. The four-season garden
  • 13. Walking path along the lake
  • 14. Nursing area for the elderly
  • 15. Playground area for children

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