Vinhomes Star City Thanh Hoa

As the first world-class international project with the first diversified and modern European design in Thanh Hoa, Vinhomes Star City offers homeowners a luxurious, classy and modern living space. Brought by the reputable investor of Vingroup, it will certainly be a new wind for the real estate market in the region.



 Project name: Vinhomes Star City

 Investor: Vingroup Group

  - Project area: 147.5ha

  - Construction density: 21%

 Project product scale: Villa, adjoining and shophouse.


Vinhomes Star City is located on Le Loi Avenue in Dong Hai - Dong Huong ward, Thanh Hoa city.

This project has a prime golden location in the area, located in the key economic area of ​​the city.

The project is also adjacent to 03 major boulevards, Hung Vuong Avenue, Southern River Avenue and Le Loi Avenue.

More especially, the project is also located near the arterial road of National Highway 1A to help customers move to parts of the country.

Thanks to the convenient transportation infrastructure with high quality, smart planning, so from the project we also easily move to the provinces around the city such as Nam Dinh, Hanoi, Hai Phong ...

With such a good traffic infrastructure, customers will definitely do not need to worry about traffic congestion as in big cities.



The project is planned with main types of products such as villas, garden houses, townhouses and shophouse.

Vinhomes Star City is also planned with 05 different sub-areas: Hoa Hong (Rose) subdivision, Nguyet Que (Laurel) subdivision, Phong Lan (Orchild) Subdivision, Mau Don (Peony) subdivision, and Huong Duong (Sunflower) subdivision. 

Ground Plan

3.1. Hoa Hong subdivision

This is one of two sub-areas located in the center of the project, surrounded by the space of a river channel. The sub-area is designed in Italian style, including duplex villas and single villas. 

- The single villas are 3.5 floors high with area from 265 - 544m2.

- Duplex villas have a height of 3.5 - 4.5 floors with an area of ​​145 - 250m2.

The first floor of the villas is the garage and garden area. This is also the busiest area of ​​the house with the dining room door arrangement, the living room, and the kitchen connected to each other.

The second floor and above is the private rest area of ​​the members of the family.

The rooms in the house are arranged with large windows to help open the room and catch the cool air as well as the view to the canal and the romantic garden.

Rose Subdivision

3.2. Mau Don subdivision

This area located together with Phong Lan are 02 sub-areas located in the center of the project. The sub-area is also surrounded by the space of a river canal. Designed in modern Monaco style and includes duplex villas, single. This is an ideal resort space to ensure privacy and freshness, affirming the upper class of the homeowner.

3.3. Nguyet Que subdivision

This was built according to Greek architecture. With a perfect location, it is a busy and modern European avenue. The main types of products in the sub-area are shophouse and villa. Most of them are duplex villas and only a few single units. The shophouses are designed with a height of 4.5 floors and an area of ​​120 - 219m2.

- The first floor is arranged with parking area and 02 entrances.

- The second floor or higher will be the main living area of ​​the family.

With the advantage that the first floor is very open and wide, customers can completely customize their own purposes. Or these shophouse can be used for business or for lease. This is also the subdivision with extremely high profitability in the project thanks to European Avenue.

3.4. Peony subdivision 

Next is the Rose sub-area built in the style of classical French architecture. The sub-area is located close to the main road, close to educational facilities, offices. Designed along the European Avenue, the sub-area is arranged with a full range of housing types at the project as villas, adjoining and shophouse. The adjacent apartments here are built with a height of 04 floors with an area of ​​72 - 120m2. The first floor will be the garage, living room and kitchen. 2nd floor or higher will be the bedroom, bathroom and common room. In addition to the spinning space on the first floor, the owner and the owner have a private space to decorate the common affairs of the whole family. If you want, you can completely re-plan this room at will.

3.5. Sunflower subdivision 

Finally, the sub-area has the largest area of ​​the project: Huong Duong sub-area whose location adjacent to Phong Lan sub-area and Hung Vuong Avenue. Designed in a modern Italian style and art, in Huong Duong area, there will be duplex and single villas. Especially, it is also surrounded by the space of a romantic river channel. Here you can both enjoy privacy and move quickly thanks to the proximity to the great avenue.


The first unique utility that Vingroup brings is the Vinschool inter-school system. This is a new prestigious educational system that has emerged in the region. Although still new to the people here, in big cities, Vinschool has affirmed its position, helping customers to be more assured when choosing the project as a place for settling down.

Next is the system of green parks, regulating lakes, and a canal systems around the project. Along with that, there are also the appearance of indoor facilities such as a four-season swimming pool, gym, yoga ... Helping to bring residents a pleasant ecological surroundings and exercise health to enjoy your life in a complete way. 



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