House Villas for rent in Vinhomes Green Bay

Houses villas for rent in Vinhomes Green Bay - Green Bay Me Tri is the first project of Vingroup in Hanoi designed with a plentiful variety of housing models to meet the diverse needs of all high-end client segments. In addition, Vinhomes Green Bay is one of the very few projects in Hanoi that is completely integrated with all 5-star party utilities and an open air-conditioning lake.
Not only inheriting very accessible connectivity to the Western gateway, but prospective residents at Vinhomes Green Bay can also live in green atmosphere with high-class utilities, worthy of the owner to residents of all ages. You can have fun and relax in many ways such as experiencing life in an authentic resort.

Overview of Vinhomes Green Bay project

Houses villas for rent in Vinhomes Green Bay - This project is one of the most promising project, built on the concept of a lush green area filled with trees. It was created to be nothing less than a true green living paradise, bringing the bay's atmosphere into the heart of the capital.


  • Project name: Vinhomes Green Bay
  • Project location: Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi
  • Construction density: 19.3%
  • Urban area: 318,711m2 (31.8ha)
  • The measure of green campus: 26,429m2
  • Size of ​​the lake: 80,028m2
  • High-rise building area: 16,413 m2
  • Kindergarten size: 4,365 m2
  • Primary school area: 5,901m2
  • Parking area: 1,900m2
Varieties of real estates of the project: Single villas, semi-detached villas, adjacent villas, shophouses, and apartments.
Green Vinhomes Apartment - Cellahome


Located in Me Tri Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi - adjacent to Thang Long Boulevard, Vinhomes Green Bay lies on the western gateway of the capital, along with a convenient transportation system, clients will be able to easily travel to the city center through many highway curves such as Tran Duy Hung, Thang Long Boulevard, Khuat Duy Tien, Pham Hung, ...
In addition, with the advantage of being opposite the national convention center, Vinhomes Green Bay urban area inherits the entire aerial landscape, fresh atmosphere from gardens, lakes, bringing in an overflowing life, full of energy to trendy future owners.

Vinhomes Green Bay



Vinhomes Green Bay is constructed with the following varieties of real estates: detached villas, semi-detached villas, adjacent villas, shophouses, and apartments. It is also divided into two main subdivisions, the high-rise, and the low-rise.
Vinhomes Green Bay high-rise subdivision includes 3 apartment buildings  of G1, G2, G3:
G1: Included 34 floors, with a number of apartments being 704 units. Each floor has 20 apartments with a size of 42.4m2 - 92.2m2. Building G1 has 02 front views overlooking Thang Long Boulevard and Luong The Vinh Street. G1 is also the only building with 360-degree views.

Vinhomes Green Bay

  • G2 Tower: With a height of 38 floors, including 720 units of apartments. Each floor contains about 20 apartments, with an area of 61.2 - 115.3m2.  Through adjacent to Thang Long Boulevard and the regulating lake, G2 creates an airy atmosphere which helps its owners to relax after an exhausting workday.Vinhomes Green Bay
  • G3 Building: Held the largest number of apartments by 1272 units. G3 has an area of 27.4m2 to 58.3m2 with each floor including 36 apartments and up to 15 elevators/floor. One of G3's selling points is its clear lake view at Hall A which can be used for lodging, and lobby B is preferred to utilize as an office area.Mặt bằng G3

The low-rise subdivision at Vinhomes Green Bay is divided into 3 sub-areas: Hoang Lan, Moc Lan, and Thach Thao.

  • Hoang Lan sub-area: holding 43 detached villas, 30 detached villas. The highlight of the area is the 32 hectares lake. Adjacent to the sports complex and the Vinschool inter-school system will increase its value greatly, also all single villas in the Hoang Lan sub-area include a private pool and a garden.


Vinhomes Green Bay


  • Moc Lan Sub-area: contains 10 single villas, 88 semi-detached villas, 12 adjacent houses, and 44 Shophouse units. Unlike the Hoang Lan Sub-Area, the Moc Lan Sub-Area has added adjacent houses and several shophouses thus make the area become boisterous, and more bustling. Nevertheless, this creates an opportunity for investors, convenient for residents when shopping and touring.
  • Thach Thao sub-area: has 12 detached villas, 81 detached villas, and 68 adjacent houses. Thach Thao sub-area has a pristine living reservation with blooming flowers all year round. Furthermore, there is no shophouse here, so it will be much more placid than the other 2 sub-areas.

Vinhomes Green Bay


Vinhomes Green Bay, as well as many other Vingroup Group's projects, are focused on utilities and services to best assist their residents. Many outstanding utilities can be specified as:
Vinschool inter-school district - Upon learning that education is indispensable in life, Vingroup invested heavily in the International Schools project to meet the clients' demands for a high-end quality education system.

Vinhomes Green Bay


Children's play area, 3.6km jogging track, 5-star swimming pool, a chess area, sanatorium, gym, sports ...



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