Vinhomes Gardenia townhouse is located in the center of the project - Located on Ham Nghi street, one of the busiest and vibrant areas in the West of the city. Shophouse Shophouse is built in a modern style and luxurious and elegant facilities are easy to sympathize with customers. This type of business tends to thrive, moreover this type of apartment also belongs to Vinhomes brand 

- the most valuable real estate brand in 2015.

Information about adjacent villas:

Quantity: 69 units

Number of floors: 4 floors

Land area: From 99.2m2 - 318.48m2

Not stopping there, Shophouse in Vinhomes Gardenia also possesses a superior commercial advantage thanks to its proximity to 3 apartment buildings with over 2,000 
families and Vinschool schools, which will make the most of the regular customer base. molded in this area to open English centers, bookstores, fastfood salons, beauty 
salons, children's clinics, mini supermarkets. Owners of Archouse Shophouse also enjoy a convenient life "one step to the street ”With a variety of adjacent utilities, 
including: The Arcadia 50m long pool, BBQ garden, yoga floor, tennis court ...