Shophouse for rent In Sunshine Golden River

Located in a what can only be described is "the golden location" of West Ho Tay, owning an isolated green reservation, modern synchronized infrastructure system, Sunshine Golden River will be an ideal living area for the international resident community as well as the elites. Sunshine Golden River sufficiently inherits the benefits of many international urban areas by realizing the aspirations of a high-class and comfortable life.

1. Overview of the Sunshine Golden River project;

  • Project name: Sunshine Golden River
  • Location: Ciputra Hanoi Urban Area - Tay Ho District - Hanoi City
  • Investor: Sunshine Group
  • Overall construction area: 10,000m2
  • Construction density: 43%
  • Real Estate Products: Apartment, Shophouse, Townhouse
  • Apartment Layout: 35 floors, 3 basements
  • The layout of the low-rise subdivision: 5 floors high with a basement.



2. Sunshine Golden River Project Location

Location Sunshine Golden River
Sunshine Golden River is located in Ciputra urban area, right beside Vo Chi Cong arterial road on one of the city's key routes. The project inherits the utilities, synchronous infrastructure, and further outlining of the city. Residents can easily move to downtown areas, which conveniently connected with ministries, government agencies, and the educational system as well as healthcare and cultural services.
Constructed on a location that is considered as the dragon heads, directly toward the southern shore of the famous Red River, the Sunshine Golden River project receives a strong feng shui element where thousand years of life converge.
With such a favorable location and exceptional benefits, Sunshine Golden River is rated as a high-class project which provides the most prosperous life for the capital's residents.
Vị trí Sunshine Golden River

3. Sunshine Golden River Real Estate Products.

Modernly designed with high-rise apartment buildings, a high-class shophouse system, Sunshine Golden River will bring great experiences to customers and investors alike.
Sunshine Golden River apartment products
mặt bằng tổng thế
Sunshine Golden River apartment is outlined on a 35-story building, with 6-8 apartments on a floor to create a spacious, airy atmosphere while provides a classy space for contemporary homeowners.

The overall layout of Sunshine Golden River apartment buildings.

Furthermore, each apartment here is installed with a high-class interior system imported from many renowned brands around the world. Although, the future owner of Sunshine Golden River will still able to choose the proper products for their needs and interests.
Sunshine Golden River Shophouses
With at least 27 units, Sunshine Golden River shophouse is meticulously outlined and polished to create outstanding financing opportunities for high-class customers as well as high-class investors.

4.Shophouse Sunshine Golden River Layout

Having a similar design to Sunshine Group's shophouse real estate. The brilliant and breezy Mediterranean style will bring a classy reservation suitable for the interests of many residents as well as businesses. On top of that, with diverse areas ranging from 104m2 to 223m2 including 2 open sides with 5m-7m frontage integrated with smart technology thus help the management and remote control easier for the homeowners.
In addition to 27 lots of shophouse townhouses, Sunshine Golden River customers can opt for additional Brothel shophouses with a variety of designs and values ​​to suit your needs.

5. Sunshine Golden River Utilities

Besides the unique design, owners of the Sunshine Golden River shophouse also acquire a useful utility system of the urban area such as:
  • Golf Courses
  • International standard school
  • Hiking path with a fresh natural landscape
  • Small garden landscape
In addition, Sunshine Golden River project also integrates the project's high-end utility system including:
  • Multi-season swimming pool
  • BBQ garden
  • Royal garden
  • Children's playground
  • Restaurant, shopping center
  • Particularly, on the rooftop of the building, the investor constructs a high-end Club House with a Skybar to create a meeting spot for trendy homeowners to make friends while enjoying the atmosphere
  • Through including a technology-based company to the project, every apartment at Sunshine is designed to meet the 4.0 technology standards. With just one touch, all utilities are fully activated to ease customers off their exhausting days.
  • Outdoor swimming pool
Tiện ích shophouse golden river
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6. Investor of Sunshine Golden River 

Founded in 2016 with the foundation as a technology company, Sunshine Group has gradually asserted its name and reputation with a high-class real estate product system. Among them are Sunshine City, Sunshine Riverside, and Sunshine Center projects, and currently the Sunshine Golden River project is being implemented.
Maintaining a sharp mindset as well as its ability to catch up with market trends, Sunshine Group always provides customers with the best real estate products. Customers who choose and invest in Sunshine Golden River can be guaranteed of the quality and legitimacy of the project.

7. Why invest in the shophouses of Sunshine Golden River?

With a prime location, which has a favorable feng shui element: located in Ciputra urban area - a large international urban area with the most delicate community in Hanoi. The project has a synchronous transportation system, developed infrastructure which will be convenient for transportation as well as commerce.
Known to be a 2-value product that is both for living and for commerce. Homeowners can utilize the upper floor to live comfortably while using the lower floor to open a business or sublease premises to help maintain the value of the real estate by increase the prices at a proper time.
The project integrates 40 high-class utilities of the urban area and standard 5 * utilities of the project.
Backing it up is a prestigious investor thus guaranteeing strong potential insurance of the construction progress as well as solid legal status for the project.
Increase investment opportunities with the high-class residential community of the urban area. Currently, the number of residents of Ciputra urban area is 5000 people, though, in the future, with its growth potential, the number of residents will probably increase thus contribute to the improvement of the demands for services and utilities.

8. Contact information

Currently Tan Long Land is providing consulting services of buying, selling shophouse Sunshine Golden River in nice locations with reasonable prices. A team of professional, enthusiastic consultants is committed to becoming a solid and professional connection between customers and homeowners and investors. If you want to find the latest and most detailed information about Sunshine Golden River Shophouse, please contact Tan Long Real Estate directly for advice and best support.
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