Villa for rent in Tay Ho Residence

 The fast and modern pace of life is followed by the continuous development of apartments, villas for rent. If you used to find it difficult to find a villa for rent or just to find houses with simple architecture located in a normal residential house to enjoy and relax with unique integrated relaxation facilities. These modern villas have spacious basement garage for rent which will be a solution that brings comfort and maximum options for a family who wants to rent a living space in the center of Hanoi.
Unique position: Vo Chi Cong big street - Tay Ho district - Hanoi
Scenic view of West Lake
  • The building architecture has a neoclassical style - with a class known to be immortal.
  • Furniture completely imported from Europe, Japan, Germany
  • Prestigious domestic investor
  • Utility services of brand 5 *




Having a "Feng shui" location, on the shores of West Lake

Located in the heart of the poetic West Lake, surrounded by new urban areas, busy residential areas and high social facilities is the Northeastern gateway of Hanoi, the West is adjacent to Ring Road 2, the direction to Nhat Tan Bridge, the Southeast continues to Lac Long Quan Street, Au Co
Address: 68A Vo Chi Cong Street, Tay Ho

Surrounding School System:

  • Preschool: 1.2km
  • Primary school: 1,3km
  • Secondary school: 1.6km
  • And nearby universities: Post and Telecommunications students, Military Technical students, Electricity University, Foreign Trade University, ....

Surrounding Healthcare System

  • Hospital E: 1.8km
  • Maternity Hospital: 3.2km
  • National Hospital of Pediatrics: 3.4km
  • Transport hospital: 3.5km


  • Ho Tay Water Park: 2.5km
  • Hoa Binh Park: 3km
  • Nghia Do Park: 5km
  • Surrounding Vicinity:
  • Ciputra Hanoi
  • KĐT Diplomatic Corps
  • KDT Starlake
  • Kosmo Tay Ho


Project overview

Total planning land area: 24,000m2
Area of low-rise villa area: 4,117m2
Area of high-rise subdivision: 7,483m2
The rest is for: roads, miniatures, gardens, sidewalks, ...
The constructions include 28 low-rise, semi-detached and adjacent villas. 4 high-grade apartment buildings with 15-27 floors



High-tier architecture for subdivision villas, adjacent

  • Diverse area sizes: 131m2 - 172m2 - 186m2 - 216m2
The villas for rent in Tay Ho Residence are designed in the style of a New Classical architecture with condensed cubes yet still express harmonious and slender. The sophistication has brought elegance, affirming the aesthetics of the customer's demands.
  • 3 floors design, 1 roof, and 1 basement
  • Spacious basement, ranging 96.5m2 for villas sized 131m2: with enough space for cars, motorbikes, stairs + multi-purpose room.
From outside of the tunnel you will go down a slope of about 3.4m wide. Open space, basement not too low compared to the ground with a designed versatile room right next to the stairs leading up to the upper floor.
Many glass windows are arranged in the basement to create an airy space without the smell of gasoline. Although it is a basement, you will not see even a tiny bit of darkness due to the fact that there's always light outside.

First floor: staircase + small courtyard next to the living room 30m2, with a 60m2 kitchen and a balcony.

From the basement we have a staircase to walk up to the outside path, this bridge is connected to the corridor of the 1st floor. Creating a very unique living room when going through the first-floor lobby. Custom-designed glass doors for your house can help your family can catch natural light and sunlight while also create an aesthetic characteristic to make the house more whole. The living room is intended to be a very big living space for your whole family.

2nd floor, 3rd floor: 2 bedrooms with a closed toilet

The villa is designed separately, closed on the 2nd and 3rd floors to create a private, comfortable space for rest and workspace. The clever and reasonable point in the design is that the toilets on the second and the first floor are coaxially linked, creating a scientific, aesthetic feeling for the villa.
All bedrooms have large windows to embrace light and natural atmosphere.

Roof: church room, multi-function, 2-yard roof

Like many houses, the owner would need a warehouse, a technical house to design electricity distribution for all areas in the house. This villa doesn't only have a multi-purpose room in the basement but also a technical room on the attic. On the attic floor, on your right is an outdoor drying yard. Certainly, housewives love this space due to the fact that they can dry out clothes by exposing them to the sun.

Internal facilities, standard 5 *

Utilities to meet the needs of shopping, entertainment, food and education, bringing the perfect resort living experience to residents:
• 6 Floors Shopping center and shophouse. Meet all shopping needs of the people in the project. There are all brands from popular to high-end, helping you have moments of shopping, relaxing comfortably.
• High quality international preschool - Education is indispensable in life. And the preschool system will definitely make peace of mind when customers come to live here.
• German technology swimming pool - 100% water treatment without chemicals.
• Miniature park in the middle of the project - Catching the trend of green living
• 3 modern connected basements with intelligent parking system.
• Children's entertainment area, food; Nursing area, gym, sports ...
• Community living room, internal jogging track



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