Shophouse for rent in Vinhomes Galaxy

Belonging to the newly built real estate projects in 2018 of one of the most trustworthy companies "Vingroup" is Vinhomes Galaxy. Lies on a golden area of the capital, Galaxy located directly at Nga Tu So, front-facing another high-class urban area Royal City, which has one of the most advanced utilities. Along with the advantage of having a smart and up-to-date design, the project guarantees to provide its residents with a comfortable life. Galaxy is operated and managed with the most advanced and synchronized utilities using the model of a modern urban area with many Grade A standard offices, thus promise to create a great opportunity in the domestic real estate market.

1.Vinhomes Galaxy project Overview

  • Project name: Vinhomes Galaxy
  • Location of Vinhomes Galaxy project: located on 233, 233B, 235 Nguyen Trai Street, Thuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
  • Investor: Vingroup
  • Total construction area: 109980 m2
  • Outlining: 9 luxury apartment buildings, with a height of 40 floors.
  • Variety of Real Estate Products: Luxury apartment, office, commercial center
  • Construction density: 30%


2.Vinhomes Galaxy Location

Having a location in the key intersection of Nguyen Trai street and Intersection Crossroads, the Vinhomes Galaxy project is considered to be one of the most promising projects which have a prime location in Thanh Xuan district. Having 4 adjacent sides such as:
  • The North is opposite to the University of Science - Vietnam National University, Hanoi
  • Northeast borders with Sao Vang High Factory
  • Southwest borders residential area
  • The Southeast borders on the planned roads in the urban area
With a convenient transportation system, residents at Vinhomes Galaxy can easily travel to downtown areas, where lie many other districts in the city.
Furthermore, the area of ​​Thanh Xuan district is evaluated as an area with developed infrastructure, shopping centers, cinemas, and nearby parks to meet the living needs of the resident community.

3. Vinhomes Galaxy Real Estate Products

With the idea of ​​creating a high-class urban area, bringing a modern and convenient living space for a large number of residents. Investor of Vinhomes Galaxy project established a product with 2 types of real estate, namely apartments and stand shophouses.

Apartment Vinhomes Galaxy


The viewpoint of the apartment

Inspired by a renovated design style, Vinhomes investor creates Vinhomes Galaxy apartment with luxury and elegance. Each apartment is equipped with various glass coverings, optimizing the space and creating an atmosphere full of sunshine and breeze.
Most of the furniture in the apartment is hand-selected from many renowned brands around the world thus creating a rich atmosphere but no less cozy for the clients' households.
Besides the design values, the Vinhomes Galaxy apartment is also known for its impressive intelligent control system. With just one interact, all tech systems will be easily activated with a core purpose to bring comfort and refinement to the homeowners.
Vinhomes Galaxy apartments are outlined flexibly from 1-4 bedrooms with an area of ​​45m2 to 165m2, thus become suitable for the needs of clients as well as the economic potential of each household.

Shophouse stand Vinhomes Galaxy

The shophouse baseline is planned at the foundation of the apartment building, providing outstanding investment opportunities for investors.
Vinhomes Galaxy shophouse is planned for two real estate types: low-rise shophouse and stand shophouse. Each type has its own advantages to satisfy the needs of individual customers. With special design and unique utility, Vinhomes Galaxy shophouse will be one of the leading investment channels for the real estate market.

4. Vinhomes Galaxy Shophouse Base

Designed with an area of ​​80m2 to 120m2 with exquisite views, wide frontage to ensure that the owner can both settle down and rent out to generate excellent business profits. With a limited number of stores, Vinhomes Galaxy shophouse will certainly be a premium product offering attractive financing opportunities for investors.

5.Vinhomes Galaxy Utilities

With a growing population, the demand for conveniences is also strongly being driven up. Understanding that demand, Vinhomes branded products always provide customers the ideal experience with many 5 * class facilities.
Utility system at Vinhomes Galaxy includes:
International standard education system: Vinschool is a modern school with a team of enthusiastic and well-educated lecturers providing the best growing environment for children of Vinhomes residents.
Comprehensive healthcare system: Vinmec Hospital, medical centers, and a team of long-term doctors in the profession to ensure the best service for residents.
Besides the modern gym system, Galaxy comes with a yoga room, and a swimming pool to help create an environment for physical training and sports, thus improve residents' health.
Many Utility services to meet entertainment needs such as hiking park, cinema, food court, and commercial center.

6. Investor of Vinhomes Galaxy project

Vingroup is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate. Not only possessing a strong economic potential, but Vingroup is also a prestigious investment unit for clients.
Vinhomes branded project always possesses outstanding advantages in terms of location, quality, professional services as well as expeditious development, encouraging investors and customers to be more assured of their products is Vinhomes number one goal.
With great contributions in many areas, in 2018, Vingroup became the No. 1 unit in the top 10 most prestigious real estate developers in Vietnam.

7. Reasons to rent a Shophouse Vinhomes Galaxy?

First of all, it has a convenient location for business and commerce: Located in the center of Thanh Xuan district, Vinhomes Galaxy project makes it a lot easier for business as it will attract customers to shop, eat, drink, and enjoy entertainments.
2-in-1 design: customers can rent to stay and take advantage of the first floor to make a profitable business.
Synchronous planning, convenient utilities for moving, cooperating with units and agencies,
Attractive investment opportunities: Not only self-employed but homeowners of high-class shophouse units can also lease premises offering for excellent profit opportunities.

8. Contact information

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