Shophouses for rent in Embassy Garden

Invested and constructed by the trustworthy TNT Development Company and Vietnam Property Development Joint Stock Company, Embassy Garden is located in the new urban area of ​​West Ho Tay, right on the front of a 60m wide road connecting the two arterial roads of the region, Pham Van Dong and Vo Chi Cong. Project scale of 35,851 m2 includes many high-class houses, villas, adjacent houses and commercial townhouses.
Shophouse Embassy Garden Ngoai Doan Doan is considered as the right place for trading business with high-profit potential because of the lacks of competitions in the area.

Project Overview

The infrastructure projects are invested synchronously, luxuriously and modernly, crowded residents, office systems, apartments, villas will be one of the potential customers, with eight ministries and 13 modern ones. Embassies of the countries based increase the attraction for other projects here, not just shophouse. When you choose to invest or buy to stay, this is an excellent address for you. The total number of people living in the area is about 30,000 people, plus the population of Xuan Dinh and Xuan La areas, office areas, and is a perfect place to open restaurants, supermarkets. Or Spa ...
Shophouse Embassy Garden is designed in a modern, youthful and luxurious style in the French style, calculating the functions when customers come into use and suitable for different purposes of buyers. Including 77 shophouse lots, land area from 120 to 144 m2, construction area of ​​72 to 84 m2 of the floor, built into four levels, construction density of about 60%.
A shophouse is designed with two roads, the main front for business, the sidewalk area, is from 4 to 8 m wide, the back is 10.5 m wide, the sidewalk area is 1.5 m wide, suitable for the place: car for customers to come in and out, the upper floors in the most convenient way. The house is finished with basic furniture, and the interior can be completed according to customer requirements.

Project Utilities

Along with that is the high quality of service for residents living here is also one of the advantages that you should not ignore: Fire protection system, intelligent fire alarm.
The security system operates 24/24, the operation of water supply and sewage is modern, the trade centre has a variety of items, the infrastructure has been completed and put into use, the large internal green park

Project Location

Not only that, thanks to the incredibly convenient location, the Embassy Garden villa also inherits all the internal and external utilities such as:
Hoa Binh park 1km, Huu Nghi park, Ho Tay water park 1km, Diplomatic Corps area, Korean Embassy area, Ciputra urban area 1,3km, sword lake 5km, Noi Bai airport 2km, centres administration centre of Tay Ho district Party Committee, metro railway, Thang Long theatre, school system from preschool to university, Hanoi Heart Hospital Facility 2, Central Lung Hospital
The Tay Ho Tay project area in general and the Embassy Garden shophouse, in particular, are favourable projects located in the west of West Lake. The West Lake was formerly a part of the Red River, residents living in and adjacent to the West Lake have long been formed to form traditional villages. Today, many urban areas are built up, inheriting the position of feng shui from thousands of ancient times to leave, to have modern, tall urban regions. The project is planned to be a low-rise housing area and a business townhouse, with many modern facilities right in the centre of this project; this will be an ideal shopping area and destination for Tay Ho residents. West - Starlake and Ngoai Giao Doan new urban area.

Contact Information

Currently, Tan Long Land is providing consultancy services for Shophouse Embassy Garden townhouses in beautiful locations with reasonable prices. A team of professional, enthusiastic consultants is committed to becoming a reliable and professional connection between customers and homeowners and investors. If you want to find the latest and most detailed information about renting a Shophouse Embassy Garden, please contact the Tan Long Real Estate Floor directly for the best advice and support.
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