Hoan Kiem District is one of the central districts of Hanoi city, bordered by three other inner city districts, namely Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung and a part of the district bordering the Red River, the north boundary is Gia Lam district. The streets are open, and the district is also the focus of road, rail and waterway traffic.


+ Location: Centre of Hanoi; Next to Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung, Long Bien

+ Area: 5,2 km2

+ Population: 150.000 people

+ Signature Real Estate Projects: The Grand Hanoi, Vincom Centre, Pacific Place

+ Land Average Price: ~ 900 million/m2


This is a district with a very planned green tree plan, a high density of trees on many roads such as Tran Hung Dao, Hai Ba Trung, Ly Thuong Kiet, Trang Thi, Quang Trung... The trees are mainly used as Bang tree. , Bang Lang, Crocodile tree with many rows of large old trees with wide foliage supporting shade and air conditioning on Hanoi streets, especially in the summer.

The system of parks and lakes is quite famous, which are considered indispensable destinations when coming to Hanoi. The most special ones are Hoan Kiem Lake. A lake right in the district cleans up the street smoke. With a length of about 700m, a width of about 200m. Around the lake is a flower garden that changes color all year round. This area is also a place for exercise, a walking street on weekends with many attractive entertainment activities from folk games, modern dance, singing and performing, doing magic to attract tourists. It is also a place that regularly organizes racing and volunteer running tournaments which are quite noisy. Near the lake is Ly Thai To flower garden with many fun activities such as roller skating, balancing, hip hop dancing.


Hanoi has a saying "live in Tay Ho, work in Ba Dinh and eat in Hoan Kiem", which means that you should choose a position in an open area such as Tay Ho district, work in the state administrative area in Ba Dinh and dining in Hoan Kiem district. The district area has many famous delicious dishes that have long been known. making diners come to Hanoi to find these places to enjoy "full taste".

Each street is known for many delicious specialties. If you want to eat delicious sticky rice cake of Hanoi, you have to visit Hang Than Street, famous for green bean rice cake. With traditional weddings, the cake is likened to an implicit message signaling to relatives and friends about an upcoming wedding. This is also a specialty that all tourists look to buy as gifts for friends and relatives with a rather solemn and emotional nature.

The dish serves famous tourists such as Cha Ca La Vong at 14 Cha Ca or 19-21 Duong Thanh street. The sweet and fatty taste of La Vong fish cake mixed with the aroma of vegetables, roasted peanuts and shrimp paste makes many people crave, especially in winter.

Phos such as Pho Bat Dan heirloom number 49 Bat Dan, Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su, Pho Bung number 1 Hang Trong.

If you like to eat eel dishes, you can go to Dong Thinh eel vermicelli at 87 Hang Dieu with a variety of processing methods such as fried eel vermicelli, crispy eel vermicelli, mixed eel vermicelli, eel soup, eel porridge, full of crispy rice, eel. soft. And customers who like to eat fried eel in delicious crispy pieces can find eel vermicelli Nguyen Che Nghia at 9 Nguyen Che Nghia, Hang Bai. In addition, there are eel vermicelli at 9 Phu Doan, Hang Trong; No. 27 Nguyen Thiep, No. 29 Hang Non.

Some strange dishes such as Cho Do cake at 64 Quan Su, Xoi Tim at 57 Tho Nhuom, sticky sticky rice seeds with a rich aroma and a bit of flavor of crispy fried pork heart. Or like vermicelli with bamboo sticks, banana snail noodles at Dong Xuan market. Spicy fried snail dish at 19 Gia Ngu, tight vermicelli at 65 Phung Hung, boneless chicken leg salad at 29 Hang Giay. Savory donuts at Luong Ngoc Quyen and 54 Ly Quoc Su. Fried sticky rice 25 Hang Dieu, Van Than noodle 54 Hang Chieu, fruit pickles on To Tich street, Hang Bong hot drink.