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- Leading To Serve

- Full Vietnamese name: Asia Pacific Group Real Estate Joint Stock Company

- Transaction name: APEC Group Corp

- English Name: Asia Pacific Real Estate Group Corporation

- MST: 0314878772

- Head office: 665T Do Xuan Hop, Quarter 6, Phuoc Long B, District 9, Tp. Ho Chi Minh MISSION

- Providing superior products for customers to have the best choice for safe living.

- Offering the best real estate solutions to KH-DN-XH with "win".

- Create a working environment for the best personnel like your second home

- Ensure financial development & transparency for shareholders

- Contribution to building Vietnam is growing VISION Become the leading real estate development group in Vietnam & Top 3 prestigious real estate corporations in Vietnam in 2025


 Strength: The strength of the company comes from the team, with excellent members dedicated to the development of the company. 
Along with that is the abundant financial resources of short-term, long-term shareholders and shareholders under each project will bring 
perfect products and services to customers.

 Consistently: The event is intended to be expressed in the stance, point of view, orientation and objectives determined from the beginning 
of the company to become one of the 10 biggest financial groups in the future.

Honesty: With partners, the company always places prestige and trust in the top with transparency and high responsibility. With customers 
always committed to the best value of policy to the legal, ensuring the prestige of the company before customers. For employees, the company 
is the second home and is entitled to a regime worthy of competence.

 Dedication: Always be utterly devoted, wholehearted to the highest sense of responsibility to bring to our customers absolute satisfaction in 
product quality.

 Empathy: With understanding, sympathy, the company brings comfortable, safe and prosperous living spaces but always suitable to the 
conditions of each customer.

Professional: Express in style, consistent style from ideas to ways of working, from leaders to employees to create a complete service.

 Aspiration: Constantly creative, constantly rising to conquer new heights with a strong urge. This is a source of immense power for 
company management to never give up the dream, never succumb to the situation.

 Resonance: The combination and interaction will bring positive added values ​​for each party. For resonant employees to succeed. 
For partners / customers, resonate to share prosperity.



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